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The Flying Man…named Smith?!

Posted On Saturday, July 20, 2013

This video has certainly made the rounds, with everyone from USA Today to Joe Quesada commenting on its AWESOMENESS, and I can't help but throw my own two-cents in on the matter!  Take a sec and watch to understand what I'm talking about…I'll wait…

The Flying Man from Marcus Alqueres on Vimeo.

Did you love it?!  I know -- silly question, right!  Here's what I immediately drew from it -- The Samaritan.  The idea of superheroes taking to the streets isn't exactly new, we've enjoyed the exploits of those who've taken the mantle of society's protector since the late 1930's with the release of Action Comics #1.  But what this short-film shows is a "hero" whose tactics are little less than…legal.  Heck, they're outright DEADLY (if you're an evil-doer, that is)!  If you've read The Samaritan (created by myself and artist, Ren McKinzie), you'll note a similar effort to clean up the streets!  But where things differ, Smith, the "hero" of The Samaritan, operates on a more covert level than The Flying Man.  He's making a bolder statement than Smith aims, but one that can be easily misconstrued as sinister (as the early minutes of the film suggest).  It's rather exciting to me, as a creator, to join my voice in the exploration of these kinds of themes and even more exciting to see that an adaptation of The Samaritan isn't too far away from possible!

Haven't read The Samaritan yet?  You can catch it on the weekly updates -- for FREE -- over at OR you can snag copies of the series from our store at Indyplanet!

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