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More BITS for your BUCKS! (NotGoingToSDCC)

Posted On Thursday, July 11, 2013

San Diego Comic Con -- the GRANDDADDY of all comic cons is just around the corner…but sadly, V:IP WON'T be there (maybe next year though!).  But you don't have to miss out on that sweet 8 bit action, because we're rewarding YOU -- our loyal fans with this SWEET deal (whether you're going to the show or not!)

We KNOW you love our 8 Bits -- you've proven that at EVERY SHOW we've been to and with our goal of getting back on track with the VIP52 (where we post a NEW 8 bit art print EVERY WEEK), we're making sure you can get the most BITS for your BUCKS! (O-H…)

So, from now until July 22nd (that's the Monday AFTER Comic Con for you con-weary travelers), our Etsy shop (VIP8Bits) will feature a coupon code for 30% OFF any order of $30 or more!  Just type in the coupon code: "NOTGOINGTOSDCC" at the checkout and save -- Save -- SAVE!!!

From The Doctors to the Turtles, from those ring-slinging Lanterns to those merry mutants of Marvel and all manner of awesome in-between -- we've got your geek COVERED!!!

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