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So long, Smith…till next time?

Posted On Friday, May 24, 2013

Cover Art for Issue #7
Today marks a MOMENTOUS occassion -- The Samaritan, the first limited series from Vantage:Inhouse, is now complete!  It's been a bit of journey, this one, launching our fledgling imprint in early 2011 at the Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo (C2E2).  Right out the gate, there was the feeling of it being something special and I'm quite proud of how the series has shaped up.  Working with my friend/brother/co-hort/partner-in-crime, Ren McKinzie has been a GREAT experience -- one that I hope he's just as fond of as I am!  While not our first collab, it's definitely our longest and most complete.  I would wish him the best of luck until we work together again, but that dude's so talented, he doesn't need luck -- maybe more TIME to get his work out there -- but we're working on that!

Cover Art for Issue #6
I know a few people out there have been waiting for the final two chapters.  With issue 6 being SUCH an action packed piece, I figured the downshift of number 7 would be too drastic to be separated from it, so I planned to release them together.  Unfortunately for some, after IMMERSING myself in Dirk Manning's Write or Wrong book (a MUST-READ) for comic writers, I've forgone that plan of continuing individual releases for the issues and jumped at putting out the second collected edition, complete with issues 4-7 (which should be available for digital download at or by next week -- and dig this, for ONLY $.99!!)  This edition also features cover art from the legendary, Gary Martin -- who is a PHENOMENAL artist, rendering Smith in an homage to Art Adams (Ren's FAVORITE artist)!

So, what does this series wrapping up mean?  Well…I can't say that I don't have a few ideas for a story or two featuring our enigmatic superhero, Smith.  I think one of the things that caught most readers off guard is that though he IS the samaritan in question, Smith's really just a bit player in the whole thing, with focus really being on the other residents.  So, next time around, I might like to delve more into who HE is and maybe WHY he's so keen on saving folks (or able to…?).

I would LOOOOVE to see the series picked up for something bigger, too.  My mother has notions of Idris Elba playing the lead, which I don't think is a bad call at all (though I DO think it's more fueled by her love him, more than anything else!  Lol).  But whether it's multi-medially accessible is a concern for another matter!  Right now, I'm gonna bask for the next five minutes before starting up the next project…because you're only as good as what's coming!
Cover Art for Collected Edition vol2

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