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Announcing INC.lings!

Posted On Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Long time no see, friends!!  There's been a whole hefty bunch of work brewing and spewing from the Vantage:Inhouse think-tank!  We've been struggling with finding a new printer since ICGeeks went by the wayside and one of our solutions has been been to outright NIX our print-runs of our various titles, in favor of printing a serialized, collected edition called INC.lings!

With the number of titles we've produced, maintaining a full stock of ALL those issues can get pretty costly, unless they're bought in pretty large quantities.  But then, there are so many that I'd need a whole warehouse to house all of the copies!  So, our plan, for the time being, is to do either a limited run of only 100 copies or one year of publication, whichever lasts longest -- then we'll retired the single copies (effectively making those that exist, collector's items!) and reprint them in the newest volume of INC.lings.  Its our hope that this will add to the readership growth of Vantage:Inhouse books and strengthen its brand, showcasing the wide range of stories under the V:IP umbrella!  

We're almost ready to go to print with the first volume, a 72pg, perfect-bound tome, featuring the first three chapters of The Samaritan, the third short from the Origins Unknown anthology, Somewhere I Belong and our first, full-color, ones-shot, The Trouble w/Love.  And you can get it all for the low price of $14.00!!

Stay tuned for more info on it's upcoming release!

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