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The Samaritan is ALMOST FINISHED!!!

Posted On Tuesday, April 2, 2013

"We've already got a one-shot, a novella and an anthology series in our library!   Now, we're ONLY 8 pages away from finishing our first limited series, The Samaritan!!  Long term fans of Vantage:Inhouse Productions know that we kicked everything off with The Samaritan in the spring of 2011, debuting Smith, the mysterious new tenant of a rundown apartment building in a rough part of town.  In that first chapter, we intro'd the harsh realities of the neighborhood and its self-proclaimed savior, as he initiated the first strike in its restoration.
Really, the caption says it best!

So, while the art I'm posting is from The Samaritan #6, I've gotta admit, you'll have to wait to read it!  The plan is to release 6 and 7 together -- it's a matter of storytelling, tempo and what not, so unfortunately, you're still a week or so off from getting either!  But look at all the cool stuff!!!

The cover image is a combo of panels from the book.
That's been one of my FAVORITE processes
from this series.

Being so close to the end, is kinda bittersweet.  I felt the same thing with the end of The Trouble w/Love (with Harold Edge/ Ryan Carter) -- the only thing I can possibly compare it to is sending your child, that you've nurtured and raised, out into the world to fend on their own.  I know, I know -- that's a bit melodramatic, but STILL!!!

What I can say I'm most proud of is seeing my friend, series artist and co-creator, Ren McKinzie's growth on this one.  I've known Ren for AGES (he's THAT old!) and he's really developed his voice as a storyteller, moving beyond just a dude that draws well.  I have NO DOUBTS that you'll be seeing so much more of him as he continues mastering his craft even further!

The Samaritan #6
"Taking it to the Streets"
Victor Dandridge
Ren McKinzie


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