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Brian Vo of Crisp Comics Reviews TTw/L...

Posted On Thursday, February 28, 2013

The buzz behind V:IP just keeps getting stronger and stronger!  Yesterday, Indie Comic news site, Crisp Comics published a review of our hit one-shot, The Trouble w/Love!  I can definitely say that he's very clear on if he's NOT feeling a story (check out a few of his other reviews) and I'm QUITE glad with what he had to say about TTwL!  From story to art, he was definitely tuned in to what we were trying to accomplish and that's really the greatest accomplishment a creator can get -- though getting an overall grade of an "A" for our work is pretty cool too!  And while it was a GLOWING review overall, my most favorite line has to be:

"While the subject matter was something I disagreed with, Dandridge still crafts a story that forces me to see that there are two sides to every story, and regardless of personal feelings, he weaves together a narrative that works, and draws you into wanting to know the reasons and the background of a truly messy situation."

But, I admit, I'm kinda tipping my hat to myself on that one! Lol!

Thanks again to Brian Vo for taking the time to read and review TTwL -- we certainly appreciate ALL that he had to say!  Check him out regularly at Crisp Comics and on Twitter!

Haven't read The Trouble w/Love?!  Look for it for the Kindle at, and available for order for your comic shop at!

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