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V:IP does X-Men 3

Posted On Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Years back, during one of my MANY watchings of X2: X-Men United (the way more awesome sequel to Fox's X-Men movie), I went into sort of a geeky, meditative state and plotted out what I wanted to see in the subsequent follow up movies.  I think I actually had the frame work for up to SIX feature films and they covered things from the Mutant Massacre (pt4)  to the Age of Apocalypse (pt5) and even the BRUTAL removal of Wolverine's admantium (pt6) -- all, of course, with creative license, but with much respect towards to the original material.

Unfortunately, I never got very far in doing any more than thinking up stuff for the last movies, but I actually put some words down for the third film, X-Men 3: Operation Zero Tolerance (Inspired by the 1997 X-men crossover story line).  Focusing more on Cyclops and his reaction to Jean's death from X2 (ooh…spoilers??), it also introduced the Hellfire Club, showcased a Danger Room sequence AND had Bolivar Trask as the villain -- that means SENTINELS!!!  There were a few other tidbits I tossed in there, but it still stands unfinished at 50 or so pages.

If you care to give it a read, hit the jump and check it out!  HERE

There were some definite "Man, What if…?!" qualities there and I remember asking myself if I truly didn't like X3:The Last Stand because I didn't ACTUALLY like it, or because it wasn't what I had wanted to see happen?  Lol!  Hopefully, at some point, I can return to it -- I'd like to finish it up, just for the sake of having done it and who knows…it could actually BE something one day!

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