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KICKSTARTED Forever Presents: Ol' Crazy & The 40oz of Death!

Posted On Sunday, November 4, 2012

Kickstarter has been a revolutionary tool for funding creative projects all over the world!  And despite my attempt to circumvent the time-based constraint that has become a staple of the crowd-funding game, at it's core, my KICKSTARTED Forever campaign is all about getting more V:IP projects off the ground with the help of my dedicated and growing fan-base!

The first project on the funding block is the LONG AWAITED, "Ol' Crazy & The 40oz of Death!"

Designed as a four-issue mini-series, "Ol' Crazy & The 40oz of Death" is a strange mix of blaxploitation and classic revenge!  Follow the grizzly trail of death left in the wake as self-proclaimed neighborhood watchman, "Ol' Crazy" avenges the death of a young girl at the hands of a local drug lord.

It's Afro Samurai meets Kill Bill in a grindhouse mash-up on the page!  

And coming aboard to help visualize this EPIC BIT of mayhem is Columbus, OH artist, Bryan Moss -- whose work at you can stalk at!  Though I've known Bryan for YEARS, this will be our first project together, but you never know -- could be the best thing for comics since Jack met Kirby (Lol)!

Our projected financial goal to get this book in YOUR hands is $1000.00 (USD) -- a relative small amount for self-publishing ventures, but still in need of YOUR support! But this isn't some clandestine order of operations -- here's our breakdown for how the money will be spent:

Stage One - $120: Getting Started
This initial goal will get the ball rolling for artist Bryan Moss, serving as his supply stipend AND retainer fee for the project itself.  Within a few weeks of hitting this benchmark, we'll have the foundation artwork for the series begun, including character designs, page layouts and cover mock-ups!

Stage Two - $500: Digital Ready
At this point, the interior work and covers are FINISHED and ready for digital distribution!  We're already established thru, and, so all you tech-savvy readers will be ready to read one of the coolest books to grace the digital market -- but PLEASE -- No Spoilers!

Stage Three - $700: For the Brick and Mortars
Every Wednesday is a celebrated holiday at V:IP and its all because the weekly release of comics at our local comic shop!  We want Ol' Crazy sitting right along with other mainstream titles, bucking to be added toYOUR comic collection -- so with this goal, we will DONATE copies of Ol' Crazy to interested retail outlets!  Drum up some convo and make sure your store is one of the lucky few!

Stage Four - $1000: The Whole She-Bang
If everything comes together as planned, then we'll commemorate a final release of Ol' Crazy with an VARIANT COVER EXCLUSIVE by my good friend, stellar talent and all around nice guy, L.A.-based artist, Dave Crosland!

...As things progress, we may offer EVEN MORE for your viewing pleasure -- but we DEFINITELY need your help to see any of it through.  So -- you've seen what's on deck, checkout the KICKSTARTED Forever tab and see what swag you can snag all while helping to make Ol' Crazy & The 40oz of Death happen!!

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