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Welcome Back, Smith!

Posted On Wednesday, October 31, 2012

After more than a year, the hit urban, superhero epic, The Samaritan FINALLY RETURNS in a thought provoking FOURTH ISSUE on NOVEMBER 5th.  We're so stoked that we're OFFICIALLY making November "The Samaritan Month!"  

And to show how thankful WE are for all your support, we're giving you a FREE RECAP issue of the first TWO issues ("Moving Day" and "Gossip") of The Samaritan  -- AND IF THAT WEREN'T ENOUGH -- check our special offer to purchase the third issue ("The Fix") for only $.99!!

Check back tomorrow, November 1st to read the RECAP issue and get all caught up for next Wednesday's release of The Samaritan #4: "Lovers' Quarrel"!

The Samaritan #4
"Lovers' Quarrel" - Intervening on a domestic
disturbance, Smith levels brutal judgement against
BOTH, the perpetrator AND the victim.

Written by: Victor Dandridge
Art by: Ren McKinzie
Available Nov. 5th*
*Thru and only.

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