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Posted On Wednesday, October 31, 2012

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Welcome to The Samaritan month at Vantage:Inhouse!  In just four short days, we'll be launching the long awaited FOURTH issue following the exploits of our Hoodied-Hero, Smith as he uses his might and muscle to clean up an urban neighborhood -- and while we know its been more than a YEAR  since the series started (Premiering at C2E2, does time fly!!), not EVERYONE has had a chance to read the beginning chapters!  

To help with that, we're offering Chapters 1 & 2 ("Moving Day" and "Gossip") FOR FREE!!!  That's right -- all you gotta do is flip through the eReader and checkout one of the hottest superhero titles around!

Issue #3 - "The Fix"
I'm certain that once you've read the first two issues, you'll DEFINITELY want to read the third and we're offering an EXCLUSIVE .PDF of it for ONLY $.99!  All you've gotta do is make a payment thru our Paypal Acct ( and include your email address and you'll have it within MINUTES of processing!  

I can't wait for you to read The Samaritan (and share your feedback -- we wanna KNOW that you love it!), so enough talking and read it already!!  

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