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NYCC 2012: Recap

Posted On Monday, October 22, 2012

It's seriously taken me a full week to recover from the AWESOMENESS that was this year's New York Comic Con!  This is my second year exhibiting and by far and away, it was my best show ever!  And I'm not just talking about financially, either -- it's the BIGGEST show of the year for me, so just being there, amongst all those comic fans, creators and such is like an inspirational BOOST!  

 The sheer magnitude of this year's show was IMMENSE to say the least!  Construction on the Javitz had been completed giving us an entirely new North Wing, which was allocated solely for Artist Alley.  At first, I'll admit, I was a little  put off by the separation.  I was afraid no one would tear themselves aways from the full-on geek spectacle of the main floor, but as Friday got under way, I quickly saw HUGE benefits in not having to compete with the THUNDER of the show!  Every person who found their way thru Artist Alley did so because they wanted to be there and that made for a solid pool of eager and interested buyers!  Sure, maybe some people missed out, not knowing where Artist Alley was, but really that just adds to the potential customers that'll come through next time!

The separate Artist Alley is definitely a design I'd like to see repeated as often as scale allows -- a point I shared with the AA coordinator, Mike Negin!

EVERYONE loves the Turtles!
As usual, my 8 bit designs were an absolute HIT!  I got to meet so many pixel art fans and had like a BAJILLION takers of the 8 Bit Challenge!  As an artist, it's the greatest feeling when your work stems the flow of passersby -- and it was like that ALL WEEKEND!   My table was literally PACKED!

What totally threw me off, though, were the number of pieces that were taking out challengers left and right!  There were four total and every time someone started guessing near them, I got SOOOO nervous!!!
The NEW Challenge Pieces -- will they stump YOU?!

A couple of pieces REALLY stood out with their popularity!  I think I'll DEFINITELY make them mainstays of my arsenal for shows to come!
So much love for the Doctors!

I also got to debut my new 11x17" CUSTOM 8 Bit prints!  At only $10 ea (or 3 for $20), you can get YOUR favorite 8 Bit design on a poster, made to order!  I tried to do on the spot orders, but printing cost me two-hours of show time (with walking to the nearest printshop and everything) what I think I'll start up next year are pre-show commission lists!  You guys can just check my Tumblr page and see which designs you love best!

What Time is it...?
With all the success of the show, I was kinda trapped at my table an didn't get to see too much.  As a fan, that kinda sucks, but it wasn't without it's pluses!  While working I got to see some famous faces walking through the crowd:

Kevin Grevioux
Kevin Grevioux: Co-writer and the baritone-voiced Lycan, Raze from the Underworld movie franchise!  We're Facebook friends and have chatted once or twice on there, so I think there was SLIGHT recognition!

First Comics books!
Ken Levin: Publishing head of First Comics!  As I've been trying to move up on the publication ladder, First Comics has been one of the main companies I've kept my creative eye on, and I was able to share some of my books with Ken!  Here's hoping something AWESOME comes out of it!

Robert Kirkman: Writer/Co-creator of Invincible and The Walking Dead!  This meet up was after the show and I sorta fanboy'd out at first, giving him one of my 8 Bit Invincible prints, but then I manned up and talked about how to hook up with his imprint, Skybound.  I think I made a good impression (he was totally cool and showed me clips of TWD on his phone!)

All in all -- it was an INCREDIBLE SHOW!  I'm already signing up for next year and I'm currently waiting to hear back on being a feature of C2E2!

*I want to thank EVERYONE who came by!  The show wouldn't have been NEARLY as awesome without all of you!!!

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