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Let's Get Kickstarted...(well sorta)!

Posted On Monday, October 29, 2012

The crowd-funding phenomenon that IS Kickstarter has given voice and empowerment to creative minds across the globe, whose vision(s) might otherwise have never seen the light of day!  By putting dreams on display for community support, Kickstarter has offered us all the opportunity to be realizers for others and by proxy, motivators for our own successes, possibly changing the face of creative entrepreneurship forever.

For my taste, though, the Kickstarter format is a little TOO confining.  Enforcing a limited span of inclusion and boasting an all or nothing necessity to receive funds, doesn't quite lend itself to inspiring LONG TERM support or even marketing opportunities that require a bit more face-time than usual.  But with a little tweaking, I think I've given the Kickstarter ideal the V:IP Treatment!

Starting....NOW, V:IP is hosting a PERMANENT fundraising campaign to financially support the growth and development of the V:IP brand, it's stories and merchandise!  But we're not just sitting with our hands out looking for favors -- we're giving back to you with PLEDGE REWARDS, just like with an official Kickstarter campagin -- but again, with NO TIME LIMITS means your contribution rewards are GUARANTEED!!!  So take a look at our KICKSTARTED FOREVER page (check the tab bar at the top) and see what sort of goodies we've got in store -- and feel free to offer suggestions of what YOU'D like to see us include!

I'd also like to highlight two of my peers who are CURRENTLY running Kickstarter fundraisers!

Ken Eppstein's Nix Comics 2013: It's The Big Ask, Baby - "I don't think that its a big secret that the number one impediment to small press publishing on a regular basis is a lack of funds.  I've done okays so far on my  own; I'm a local success and word about Nix is starting to spread beyond the Columbus community.  Left to my own devices, 'd manage to churn out two or three more comics in 2013.

But you know what?  I don't what to "do okay."

In fact, I wanna drag OK out in the middle of the street and run it over with MULTIPLE TRUCK LOADS OF AWESOME!!  Then, I want to hire the Fleshtones to throw a super rock dance party on Okay's grave.  I want to hire a whole mess of artists, make a TON of comics and hustle them into stores across this country.  I need your help to do that!"

Check out more on Ken's campaign: HERE

Raymond Ayala's Urban Myth the Graphic Novel - "We are working to complete the first Urban Myth Graphic Novel, and we need our help to finish the task.  The GN is currently planned to be at least 75 pages and will consist of a collection of Urban Myth stories delivered by a great group of artist.

As a backer, you can PRE-ORDER the book here, but there's more to this project than the cool stuff you can get.  We want you to join the team, help us decide some of our next steps and if you choose, you can even create a place for yourself in the mythology."

Check out more on Raymond's campaign: HERE

There are plenty of others I know who ALSO have campaigns running and I'm inviting ALL OF THEM to share their ideas and workings in the comments below -- Mi casa su casa, guys!

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