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Posted On Wednesday, October 31, 2012

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Welcome to The Samaritan month at Vantage:Inhouse!  In just four short days, we'll be launching the long awaited FOURTH issue following the exploits of our Hoodied-Hero, Smith as he uses his might and muscle to clean up an urban neighborhood -- and while we know its been more than a YEAR  since the series started (Premiering at C2E2, does time fly!!), not EVERYONE has had a chance to read the beginning chapters!  

To help with that, we're offering Chapters 1 & 2 ("Moving Day" and "Gossip") FOR FREE!!!  That's right -- all you gotta do is flip through the eReader and checkout one of the hottest superhero titles around!

Issue #3 - "The Fix"
I'm certain that once you've read the first two issues, you'll DEFINITELY want to read the third and we're offering an EXCLUSIVE .PDF of it for ONLY $.99!  All you've gotta do is make a payment thru our Paypal Acct ( and include your email address and you'll have it within MINUTES of processing!  

I can't wait for you to read The Samaritan (and share your feedback -- we wanna KNOW that you love it!), so enough talking and read it already!!  

Welcome Back, Smith!

After more than a year, the hit urban, superhero epic, The Samaritan FINALLY RETURNS in a thought provoking FOURTH ISSUE on NOVEMBER 5th.  We're so stoked that we're OFFICIALLY making November "The Samaritan Month!"  

And to show how thankful WE are for all your support, we're giving you a FREE RECAP issue of the first TWO issues ("Moving Day" and "Gossip") of The Samaritan  -- AND IF THAT WEREN'T ENOUGH -- check our special offer to purchase the third issue ("The Fix") for only $.99!!

Check back tomorrow, November 1st to read the RECAP issue and get all caught up for next Wednesday's release of The Samaritan #4: "Lovers' Quarrel"!

The Samaritan #4
"Lovers' Quarrel" - Intervening on a domestic
disturbance, Smith levels brutal judgement against
BOTH, the perpetrator AND the victim.

Written by: Victor Dandridge
Art by: Ren McKinzie
Available Nov. 5th*
*Thru and only.

Let's Get Kickstarted...(well sorta)!

Posted On Monday, October 29, 2012

The crowd-funding phenomenon that IS Kickstarter has given voice and empowerment to creative minds across the globe, whose vision(s) might otherwise have never seen the light of day!  By putting dreams on display for community support, Kickstarter has offered us all the opportunity to be realizers for others and by proxy, motivators for our own successes, possibly changing the face of creative entrepreneurship forever.

For my taste, though, the Kickstarter format is a little TOO confining.  Enforcing a limited span of inclusion and boasting an all or nothing necessity to receive funds, doesn't quite lend itself to inspiring LONG TERM support or even marketing opportunities that require a bit more face-time than usual.  But with a little tweaking, I think I've given the Kickstarter ideal the V:IP Treatment!

Starting....NOW, V:IP is hosting a PERMANENT fundraising campaign to financially support the growth and development of the V:IP brand, it's stories and merchandise!  But we're not just sitting with our hands out looking for favors -- we're giving back to you with PLEDGE REWARDS, just like with an official Kickstarter campagin -- but again, with NO TIME LIMITS means your contribution rewards are GUARANTEED!!!  So take a look at our KICKSTARTED FOREVER page (check the tab bar at the top) and see what sort of goodies we've got in store -- and feel free to offer suggestions of what YOU'D like to see us include!

I'd also like to highlight two of my peers who are CURRENTLY running Kickstarter fundraisers!

Ken Eppstein's Nix Comics 2013: It's The Big Ask, Baby - "I don't think that its a big secret that the number one impediment to small press publishing on a regular basis is a lack of funds.  I've done okays so far on my  own; I'm a local success and word about Nix is starting to spread beyond the Columbus community.  Left to my own devices, 'd manage to churn out two or three more comics in 2013.

But you know what?  I don't what to "do okay."

In fact, I wanna drag OK out in the middle of the street and run it over with MULTIPLE TRUCK LOADS OF AWESOME!!  Then, I want to hire the Fleshtones to throw a super rock dance party on Okay's grave.  I want to hire a whole mess of artists, make a TON of comics and hustle them into stores across this country.  I need your help to do that!"

Check out more on Ken's campaign: HERE

Raymond Ayala's Urban Myth the Graphic Novel - "We are working to complete the first Urban Myth Graphic Novel, and we need our help to finish the task.  The GN is currently planned to be at least 75 pages and will consist of a collection of Urban Myth stories delivered by a great group of artist.

As a backer, you can PRE-ORDER the book here, but there's more to this project than the cool stuff you can get.  We want you to join the team, help us decide some of our next steps and if you choose, you can even create a place for yourself in the mythology."

Check out more on Raymond's campaign: HERE

There are plenty of others I know who ALSO have campaigns running and I'm inviting ALL OF THEM to share their ideas and workings in the comments below -- Mi casa su casa, guys!

The NEWEST members of the U Cre-8 Family!!

Posted On Thursday, October 25, 2012

The U Cre-8 Comics line has gotten A LOT of love as of late, already with a school-wide assembly, After-School All Stars programming and a handful of convention appearances under its belt for the 2012-13 school year!  To keep that momentum going, we're proud to introduce two new additions to the U Cre-8 family:

The United Superheroes of America -- In this FOUR PAGE workbook, you're tasked by Agent Stacie Union of the Center Of Warnings, Logistics & Strategies (C.o.W.L.S.) to create a hero for the Project: Fifty Nifty initiative!  Using RESEARCHED INFORMATION about one of the 50 states in the Union, build and design a custom hero to take part in the nationally sponsored super-team!

This project focuses on the following:

  • Development of research skills and strategies
  • Civics studies, particularly concerning the history and geography of the United States
  • Creative Writing
  • Arithmetic
  • Decision Making
  • Visual Art
Want a PREVIEW of the United Superheroes of America - Click HERE (provided by

Storytellers: Chapter Books -- For the creator who favors Captain Underpants(TM) over Captain Marvel(TM) , the Storytellers line focuses on more of a PROSE-FORMAT for it's stories.  This inaugural product from the Storytellers line, encourages a longer form of writing, featuring chapter-oritented page designs (6pgs per chapter, with integrated illustration breaks), each book able to hold up to 4 chapters.

This project focuses on the following:
  • Creative Writing
  • Narrative Structure
  • Vocabulary Building
  • Visual Art
Want a PREVIEW of the Storytellers: Chapter Book - Click HERE (provided by

NYCC 2012: Recap

Posted On Monday, October 22, 2012

It's seriously taken me a full week to recover from the AWESOMENESS that was this year's New York Comic Con!  This is my second year exhibiting and by far and away, it was my best show ever!  And I'm not just talking about financially, either -- it's the BIGGEST show of the year for me, so just being there, amongst all those comic fans, creators and such is like an inspirational BOOST!  

 The sheer magnitude of this year's show was IMMENSE to say the least!  Construction on the Javitz had been completed giving us an entirely new North Wing, which was allocated solely for Artist Alley.  At first, I'll admit, I was a little  put off by the separation.  I was afraid no one would tear themselves aways from the full-on geek spectacle of the main floor, but as Friday got under way, I quickly saw HUGE benefits in not having to compete with the THUNDER of the show!  Every person who found their way thru Artist Alley did so because they wanted to be there and that made for a solid pool of eager and interested buyers!  Sure, maybe some people missed out, not knowing where Artist Alley was, but really that just adds to the potential customers that'll come through next time!

The separate Artist Alley is definitely a design I'd like to see repeated as often as scale allows -- a point I shared with the AA coordinator, Mike Negin!

EVERYONE loves the Turtles!
As usual, my 8 bit designs were an absolute HIT!  I got to meet so many pixel art fans and had like a BAJILLION takers of the 8 Bit Challenge!  As an artist, it's the greatest feeling when your work stems the flow of passersby -- and it was like that ALL WEEKEND!   My table was literally PACKED!

What totally threw me off, though, were the number of pieces that were taking out challengers left and right!  There were four total and every time someone started guessing near them, I got SOOOO nervous!!!
The NEW Challenge Pieces -- will they stump YOU?!

A couple of pieces REALLY stood out with their popularity!  I think I'll DEFINITELY make them mainstays of my arsenal for shows to come!
So much love for the Doctors!

I also got to debut my new 11x17" CUSTOM 8 Bit prints!  At only $10 ea (or 3 for $20), you can get YOUR favorite 8 Bit design on a poster, made to order!  I tried to do on the spot orders, but printing cost me two-hours of show time (with walking to the nearest printshop and everything) what I think I'll start up next year are pre-show commission lists!  You guys can just check my Tumblr page and see which designs you love best!

What Time is it...?
With all the success of the show, I was kinda trapped at my table an didn't get to see too much.  As a fan, that kinda sucks, but it wasn't without it's pluses!  While working I got to see some famous faces walking through the crowd:

Kevin Grevioux
Kevin Grevioux: Co-writer and the baritone-voiced Lycan, Raze from the Underworld movie franchise!  We're Facebook friends and have chatted once or twice on there, so I think there was SLIGHT recognition!

First Comics books!
Ken Levin: Publishing head of First Comics!  As I've been trying to move up on the publication ladder, First Comics has been one of the main companies I've kept my creative eye on, and I was able to share some of my books with Ken!  Here's hoping something AWESOME comes out of it!

Robert Kirkman: Writer/Co-creator of Invincible and The Walking Dead!  This meet up was after the show and I sorta fanboy'd out at first, giving him one of my 8 Bit Invincible prints, but then I manned up and talked about how to hook up with his imprint, Skybound.  I think I made a good impression (he was totally cool and showed me clips of TWD on his phone!)

All in all -- it was an INCREDIBLE SHOW!  I'm already signing up for next year and I'm currently waiting to hear back on being a feature of C2E2!

*I want to thank EVERYONE who came by!  The show wouldn't have been NEARLY as awesome without all of you!!!

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