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When Bad-Ass Meets Hell Yeah!

Posted On Sunday, September 9, 2012

Twilight Star, one of the premier small-press studios in Central Ohio is publishing The Villain in their upcoming fifth issue of Pandemonium Spotlight!  Studio Editor-in-Chief, Bill Gladman bought a copy of our ash-can release earlier this year and was absolutely floored by it -- so much so, that he wanted to give it even more press under the Twilight Star label!  And this version features a NEW cover, penciled by series artist, Miguel Barriga and colored by Origins Unknown artist, Jacob Newell!  It's a VERY exciting development for us and we can't wait to see it on stands!
The reddish, monochromatic coloring
style adds drama AND just looks

But don't think we're letting Twilight Star have ALL the fun!  I'm currently working on a new mono-chrome color edition of The Villain, which will be available later this year!  In fact, check out the completed first page!   We'll have more info coming in soon, so stay tuned and get ready for one of the coolest studio team-ups in the small press!  

For more information on Twilight Star, visit them at or head over to Packrat Comics in (Hilliard, OH) on Oct. 6th for the third annual STAR CON -- a 
celebration of the studio's continued success!

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