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Am I an Indy or an Indie...?

Posted On Monday, September 17, 2012

What kind of Independent Publisher IS V:IP?
It's always been clear that not all comics are created equally -- some are better drawn, better written -- just downright BETTER.  But I must confess, recently, I had my notions of what that meant, nearly shattered!  I learned that a fellow Independent Creator had a bad experience with a local comic shop(LCS) where his work was essentially "rejected" (for lack of a better word).  Now, this same shop has accepted my work and with a bit of fanfare, outright purchasing my books (no consignment deals) and showcasing them at the register for point-of-purchase talk ups -- so obviously, I have an affinity for them (the shop...well, yeah, my books too!).

But make no mistake, the aforementioned creator's work is good -- VERY GOOD -- so I'm not even pondering whether my books are better in anyway shape or form...well, except for being stylistically inclusive to what comic shops are looking for.  This other creator would call his books a bit more "underground" in nature and in knowing that, I can say that perhaps his books may not do well at LCS, where they mainly push Mainstream titles (Batman, Superman, Avengers, etc.) -- it's the wrong crowd, I suppose, because just as not all comics are equal, neither are their readers.

Still, it took me back a bit -- if his work didn't stylistically resonate and my work did, should I call/consider myself an Independent Creator like he does or am I something different?  In all honesty, I don't know how to answer that question -- there are so many facets of things to sift through and apply that I may never know.  But in the world of small press, alternative comics, underground comics, indie books or indy books, I have to wonder if there is a way to better define what kind of books we're individually making, so that we can grow and empower the form in ways not yet imagined.

I'm certainly up for discussion on this and I hope to hear from you other creators out there and see how YOU define what type of books you make!


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