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TTwL SPOTLIGHT: Victor Dandridge

Posted On Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Name: Victor Dandridge (Writer of The Trouble w/Love)

Age: 30

Base of Operations: Columbus, OH

Top 5 Writing Influences: Chuck Palanihuk, Kevin Smith,
Quentin Tarantino, Stan Lee and Mark Millar

Weapon of Choice: My keyboard -- I'm a surgeon, cutting to the soul, with that thing!

About this project: What makes The Trouble w/Love so special to me is that it's a bit of a confession -- I "was" Apex Prime.  A few years ago, though married and with a loving family, I fell in love with someone else.  It was a VERY trying experience, for all involved, but one that I'm truly thankful for going through.  I'm especially thankful for the women I went through with it, both on the good and bad side of things.  They mean more to me than most COULD understand and while life has taken us on a myriad of ups and downs, they will be the shining light in my heart until the end of all things.

Best experience at a convention: NYCC last year -- it was the cap to my first year as a self-publisher.  I kicked off my making comics full time with going to NYCC in 2010, so to return a year later, not only as an exhibitor, but also a panelist, was a crowning achievement to what I had done in that first year.

If the zombie apocalypse started tomorrow, what are your must haves: Me, Her, She and Them...everything else we'll get along the way.

What book made you want to make comics: That's hard to say...I've wanted to for SO LONG, I can't quite remember if there was ONE particular book that put the bug in me.  But I can say my favorite comic book moment -- that which I hope to create in someone else one day, is Avengers #22 (vol 3) -- where Thor delivers the line, "Ultron, we would have words with thee."  One of the coolest 7 word exchanges EVER.  

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