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Posted On Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Name: Harold Edge (Illustrator on The Trouble w/Love)

Age: 34

Base of Operations: Yonkers N.Y.

Top 5 Art Influences: Koji Morimoto, Jason Pearson,
Andrew Robinson, Claire Wendling
Yoshiyuki Sadamoto, 

Weapon of Choice (take how you will): My highly active visual imagination.  It's hard not to see things happening in my minds eye... 

If you had to sum up our project together, what would you say:
This Project has been a growing process in the literal sense. It allowed me to see how far I've come as an artist.  This as got to be one of my favorite scripts I've worked on thus far. 

Best experience at a convention:
There's two actually. The first just occurred this past year when I met Jason Pearson who is my favorite American comic book artist. The second would have to be watching Adam Hughs using an eraser just as much as I do.   

If the zombie apocalypse started tomorrow, what are your must haves:
Weapons that don't need to be reloaded. My car with a full tank of gas and my wife at my side. Uninfected of course...

What book/artist made you want to draw comics:
I have to say it's the third issue of Body bags by Jason Pearson. When I opened that issue up I was about to stop drawing all together because I felt like there was nothing I had to add to the art form. When I saw how much movement and emotion Jason Pearson put onto a page it made me want to create.  I've been doing ever since...  

-- Though we started working together on this project in Feb '11 (I think), I only met Harold in person this past Oct at the New York Comic Con.  I have to admit near idol worship of his art skills (I would be the creative Stan to his Jack) and an IMMEDIATE friendship. He is the epitome of cool, a stellar talent and truly earmarked for successed!  You can check his art regularly on the hit webcomic series, Dynagirl (Red-Handed Studios), follow him on or his Blu Lines art-blog.  Or be like me and stalk all three!  

-- Victor

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