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TTw/L Spot Light: APEX PRIME

Posted On Monday, July 9, 2012

Harold's Apex Prime designs
Man, trying to create a NEW analog of the Superman archetype has got to be akin to reinventing the wheel.  What hasn't been done, since the Big "S" first donned the page some seventy-five years ago is certainly sparse and I had to exercise quite a bit of creative muscle to get this one to take shape.  Luckily, I have an artist worth more than his weight in gold to help me out!

Harold's work on Fallen Justice (Red-Handed Studios), which features its own Superman nod in Justice Theta, made him THE CHOICE for fleshing out Apex Prime in the The Trouble w/Love...and here you can see why!  Together, we've built a hero who can proudly stand among the ranks of the "inspired-by," but one that stands out from just being one of the guys!

Apex Prime in action
We employed a different color-scheme -- making the true blue and red aspects of Superman's costume only accents to the stark white.  It's a bold design, leaving A LOT of open space and creating a very clean silhouette -- no belt or trunks (like the original Supreme design).  One of my favorite parts of the design is the 3/4s sleeve that gives way to the over-sized gloves -- they're somewhat gaudy -- like the over-designed ideas from the 90s, but I  that specific time period holds a special place in my heart!  

One of my favorite images!

Since this is more of a love story, there aren't many places to show off Prime's powers, but we kept them pretty standard for the Superman base: strength, speed, flight, "heat vision" and super-breath.  I think you'll all get a kick out of the use of the BLAZER SIGHT in just the opening pages!  I hope you enjoyed this quick look at Apex Prime and look forward to hearing of his LOVELY exploits later this month in The Trouble w/Love (July 25th!!)
This is one of the first colored pieces showcasing Prime's color scheme!

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