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The Trouble w/Love Spotlight: The Ladies!

Posted On Tuesday, July 17, 2012

I've likened The Trouble w/Love to Marvel's Spider-man:Blue (Loeb/Sale), one of my FAVORITE comic series of the last 20yrs, because of its almost BRUTAL handling of life's most precious commodity -- LOVE!  Love doesn't just "work" -- it's a lesson I've learned first hand; you need to be ever vigilant and thoughtful to make love work for you the best you can.  But sometimes, it CAN and DOES get away from you!  What I find most interesting, at least comparing the two, is that Spidey:Blue looks at love in absence and TTw/L focuses on love in abundance.  Both can drive  you to ruin, quite honestly, but only one is considered socially acceptable (or even possible).

In either case, it requires VERY strong romantic counterparts to the hero in question.  Though they play "only" ancillary roles, we tried to make that the case with both Melissa and Angie in The Trouble w/Love.  Unfortunately, there's not a lot of characterization played out for either (Melissa getting the shortest end of the stick -- but then again...not quite), but each had to have their own dynamics, which I think Harold captured PERFECTLY!

There are personal pieces written into each one, the kind I will reveal in a later post; representations of two VERY IMPORTANT women in my own life.  I hope I've captured enough of both to showcase how special they are to me -- this book being a love letter to each in it's own special way...

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