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The Trouble w/Love Spotlight: John Smith

Posted On Thursday, July 12, 2012

Character Designs by Harold Edge
The beginnings of a "supervillain"...?
The elevator pitch  for The Trouble w/Love  has always been "The World's Greatest super-human has to explain how truly he human he is to the one person who should know it best -- his own son."  

What we've created in John a near PERFECT antagonist!   He's basically Superboy, but with a sincere axe to grind against his old man -- that's a big ball of 18yr old angst and rage, tucked into a steely frame!  So there's a physical threat, though Apex Prime is certainly stronger, but that leveled out by the emotional threat he represents!  While Omniman (Image Comics) proved capable of giving his son, Invincible, a world-shattering beating, AP seems SIGNIFICANTLY LESS capable of following suit.

But beyond both of those attributes, John's greatest weapon -- is that he's RIGHT!  There are few things as cool as villains with a point -- except for maybe a villain with a point you AGREE WITH!  And believe me, John's got QUITE the point to be much so that Apex Prime agrees!

I absolutely LOVE what Harold did with John's design -- he added such personality to his characterization!  It's the stretched earlobes that do it -- there's something specific about it -- like we're grounded in modern-day culture.  Something that makes the story a bit more tangible.  He just might be my favorite character of the entire book!

Such wanton DESTRUCTION...or is there something else going on here...?

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