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Posted On Friday, January 6, 2012

Man-o-man! Look at what V:IP is bringing to the party this year!! It's the beginning of the V:IP33 and you're about to get your first taste of what's to come!

Pi: Mathematic Monk: The Quest to become Infinite Master BEGINS HERE! Follow the weekly adventures of Pi, an earnest, young monk dedicated to mastering the Mathematic Arts, protecting the planet from deadly threats, and earning the title of Infinite Master! If you're a fan of Adventure Time and/or Dragon Ball Z --YOU'LL LOVE THIS!
Written by Victor Dandridge
Art by Victor Dandridge
#Action/Adventure, #Edu-tainment, #V:IP33

Man, What if...?! -- Secret Invasion: Part One of a 3pt fan-fiction series exploring "rewrites" of the major crossover events from Marvel Comics (circa 2008-2010). First up is Secret Invasion, which found Marvel's superheroes confronted by an invading army from the Skrull Empire.
Written by Victor Dandridge
#Action/Adventure, #V:IP33,

Wonders of the Great Beyond -- "It Came from Space" #2: The Wonder family reassesses their plan of attack against the mysterious, glowing orb. Can they discover its secrets in time to save the city or is this siege merely the beginning to greater peril!
Written by: Victor Dandridge
Art by: Victor Dandridge
#Action/Adventure, #V:IP33

The Villain: The Villain finds the world's WORST criminal -- a truly sadistic, bastard with a predilection for brutality -- suddenly experiencing an epiphany and wanting to change his ways. But when he ventures to tell his nemesis that he's out of the game, his congenial gesture is met with abrupt VIOLENCE. Loosely inspired by Nemesis (Mark Millar/Steve McNiven), this is a rock and roll ride with a CRAZY ending!
Written by Victor Dandridge
Art by Miguel Barriga
#Action/Adventure, #Suspense, #V:IP33

8 Bit Art Book: Featuring everything from comic characters, cartoons and more -- this book represents my exploration into the world of pixel art. Get your hands on this FIRST volume, collecting these fan-favorite 8 Bit designs!
Art by Victor Dandridge
#Artbooks, #V:IP33

Grand Commander - Accidental Godhood: An ancient cosmic power, foretold to return to a sacred culture in their time of need, makes a detour, bestowing its might to an unlikely Earthling. It's the Phoenix Force meets Lord of the Rings in this online novel -- updating WEEKLY at!!

The U Cre-8 Line is getting a SUPER BOOST! New products are on the cusp of rolling out -- pieces geared towards drawing, writing and more! One of the oldest forms of entertainments is now the classrooms GREATEST ally! Look for more U Cre-8 news HERE!

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