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Visit 31DayzofZombies!!!

Posted On Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Beautifully talented, fellow zombie aficionado whom I share a darling baby girl, Adrianna Kimbrough is taking the month of October to showcase her love of zombies with her new site: 31DayzofZombies Exploring how zombies have INFESTED every corner of pop culture, from movies and television to comics and classical literature, 31DayzofZombies is a VIRAL OUTBREAK gone GREAT! Run(for yourlives) on over to see the featured daily article and SINK YOUR TEETH into the open discussion of favorite movies and zombie characters...and hurry! It's a matter of life and LIVING DEATH!!!

And guess what?! She's even brought ME into the mix! Today marks the webcomic debut of my extended edition promo for Living Dead Things -- which will also be a feature at the Zombie-inspired 5k obstacle race, Runforyourlives! Come back EVERY WEDNESDAY to see the newest page!

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