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On the Horizon!

Posted On Saturday, October 1, 2011

This Saturday (10/7), the boys from Mutant Cactus and I head west to Indiana to tag team the Hoosier State with buttons, prints, trading card and more! I'm not quite sure where we'll be set up, but we're in a booth (OOOOOH!) and will PROBABLY be having the most fun in the building!

In addition to that, THE U CRE-8 COMICS line will be on hand! At 1pm, I'll be hosting a LIVE PRESENTATION of my acclaimed U Cre-8 Comics Character Crafter workbook! So if you have kids interested in creating comics, BRING 'EM (parents you're welcome to come too) and we'll see what kind of characters you'll create! Check the site for directions and entrance fees!

I've been going 8 BIT CRAZY 'round here, busting out new designs DAILY! I'm working on creating full sets and already have more than 12 that I'm sure fans are gonna go APE OVER! Including, my first major break from mainstream characters of Marvel & DC: THE TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES!!!

Coming up right on the heels of Kokomo...

Also on the horizon is a MAJOR facelift of the site, courtesy of Danny Cooper of Mutant Cactus -- we're going to give things a much needed boost and make this site a better hub for all things V:IP!

As usual, there's plenty going on and I hope you all are enjoying the ride as much as I am!!!

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