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Looking back...

Posted On Monday, October 31, 2011

I pride myself on how far I'm willing to reach for success. This month I celebrated completing my first year of full-time self-publishing. It's a been a fun, bumpy, uncertain and exhilarating ride that I'm so much MORE than grateful that I've had the opportunity to take! And I'm even more excited to say that the ride ISN'T OVER! As I plow headlong into YEAR TWO, I want to get things rolling strong and in order to do that, I've gotta take a solid look at what I've done (or haven't done) throughout this past year. So let's take a look...

I certainly aimed my ambition high this year when I decided that I was going to attempt to publish FIFTEEN different projects this year. Mind you, I gave myself the backdoor that they didn't have to all be finished, but at least, to some degree, released to the public. Of the 15 titles I had in mind, only about 7 got any work done on them and of that 7, only about 4 were put before the public eye. While I'm certainly not proud of not hitting my goal, quite a few of my peers have assured me that getting THAT MUCH work out in a calendar year (well, technically, I didn't give myself a full year...) is still rather impressive.

Being honest, I really have myself to blame for dropping the ball, artistically. I had a plan to draw a few of the projects and I TOTALLY punked out! That's DEFINITELY a hangup that I'm looking to get over in this new year. I've been timid in my art skills, but that's a foolhardy excuse -- I know there's no better way to get over that than to do more work, but I took EVERY convenient measure to not have to. I know...shame on me.

There were a few bouts of poor time management mixed in there -- I had NO IDEA how time consuming the summer reading club was going to be. Don't get me wrong, it was a LOAD of fun and the U Cre-8 line was VERY WELL RECIEVED, but it took about 3-4hrs each time with travel, prep and the actual presentation. If I operated with a general 8-9hr work day, that was a third to half of it each time. Way too much time away from the creating table.

I did manage to hit 12 conventions this year, which I can say is an ALL-TIME record for me. It's helped tremendously at building the brand of V:IP, gaining visibility in a lot of places outside of my usual haunts. What's shocked me the most is how conventions have responded to the U Cre-8 line, making it a feature of their kid's oriented events. I owe alot to my extended appearances to it and can't wait to develop that even further. Along with that is getting A LOT of mileage out of my 8 Bit designs. Those things have been my most popular feature and I'm proud of my ability to recognize and capitalize on them, with a bunch of products ranging from prints, trading cards, buttons, stickers and posters. Even the 8 Bit challenge is gaining some notoriety, a big crowd getter when its displayed!

What I've started to do is integrate more information about the comics side of V:IP. With the 8 Bits standing on their own rather well, I want to see how well I can pull in the other things and get more face time as a publisher. I think I've got some great ideas to get it done and most will be implemented throughout 2012.

So overall, I'd give V:IP a C+/B- grade for its first year. There were definitely some things that I could've done better and I'm adamantly looking for ways to accomplish that! Stick around and see how I do next year!

Checking in...

Posted On Thursday, October 27, 2011

Things are always moving over here at V:IP! Post NYCC has seen pitches sent out to two prominent publishers with some great nods in response. I've teamed up with my friends at Mutant Cactus, sharing their booth at Mid-Ohio Con (I know, I know -- I said I wouldn't do another Wizard World show after the fiasco of WWChicago, but they're my friends and they were gracious enough to food the bill!), and have launched a new webseries, Origins Unknown with artist, Jacob Newell! And any of you regular visitor may note that all of this is being done WHILE upgrading our webpage!! It feels good to be so busy!

So please forgive our dust and I hope you've enjoyed the changes made thus far -- I'm always open to feed back of every kind!

Living Dead Things -- Run For Your Lives EXCLUSIVE!!

Posted On Wednesday, October 19, 2011

In honor of the AWESOME 5K meets obstacle course meets zombies event, Run For Your Lives (, I did an updated version of the Living Dead Things prelude that will be handed out to participants and possibly added as part of the prize packs. And for all you zombie heads taking part, this version features a variant cover, EXCLUSIVELY FOR Run For Your Lives! Check it out below! And if you're going, I hope you remember the rules to survive a Zombie(land) invasion, have tight laces and that you have a blast!!!

Living Dead Things
Created by Victor Dandridge
Vantage:Inhouse Productions
Ashcan features special ads for Burdened Vessel and Mutant Cactus!

Origins Unknown: Breaking the Habit pt1

I'm coming off of an AMAZING time at this years NYCC! I got to hang out with some of my most talented friends and even made a few more! (There's a possible happening that's a little too early to talk about, but a GREAT NOD for the two main books of the V:IP roster!) And while the site construction is about to begin, I wanted to kick off this visual renewal with the first page of V:IP's new webseries, ORIGINS UNKNOWN, featuring the artwork of Jacob Newell! I'm putting my hardhat back on and diving into this workload, but you stay put and enjoy!

Visit 31DayzofZombies!!!

Posted On Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Beautifully talented, fellow zombie aficionado whom I share a darling baby girl, Adrianna Kimbrough is taking the month of October to showcase her love of zombies with her new site: 31DayzofZombies Exploring how zombies have INFESTED every corner of pop culture, from movies and television to comics and classical literature, 31DayzofZombies is a VIRAL OUTBREAK gone GREAT! Run(for yourlives) on over to see the featured daily article and SINK YOUR TEETH into the open discussion of favorite movies and zombie characters...and hurry! It's a matter of life and LIVING DEATH!!!

And guess what?! She's even brought ME into the mix! Today marks the webcomic debut of my extended edition promo for Living Dead Things -- which will also be a feature at the Zombie-inspired 5k obstacle race, Runforyourlives! Come back EVERY WEDNESDAY to see the newest page!

On the Horizon!

Posted On Saturday, October 1, 2011

This Saturday (10/7), the boys from Mutant Cactus and I head west to Indiana to tag team the Hoosier State with buttons, prints, trading card and more! I'm not quite sure where we'll be set up, but we're in a booth (OOOOOH!) and will PROBABLY be having the most fun in the building!

In addition to that, THE U CRE-8 COMICS line will be on hand! At 1pm, I'll be hosting a LIVE PRESENTATION of my acclaimed U Cre-8 Comics Character Crafter workbook! So if you have kids interested in creating comics, BRING 'EM (parents you're welcome to come too) and we'll see what kind of characters you'll create! Check the site for directions and entrance fees!

I've been going 8 BIT CRAZY 'round here, busting out new designs DAILY! I'm working on creating full sets and already have more than 12 that I'm sure fans are gonna go APE OVER! Including, my first major break from mainstream characters of Marvel & DC: THE TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES!!!

Coming up right on the heels of Kokomo...

Also on the horizon is a MAJOR facelift of the site, courtesy of Danny Cooper of Mutant Cactus -- we're going to give things a much needed boost and make this site a better hub for all things V:IP!

As usual, there's plenty going on and I hope you all are enjoying the ride as much as I am!!!

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