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Posted On Sunday, September 18, 2011

Cincinnati Comic Expo was an ABSOLUTE BLAST! Had a great time, rubbing elbows with some TREMENDOUSLY talented people, comic fans and general AWESOMENESS! Its definitely a show I would encourage you to visit, both fan and creator alike!
On a personal note, this was an EXCELLENT show for me, business-wise! As usual, the 8 Bits were my focus and my array of products were VERY well received!!! I think I've finally hit my stride on how to present most of the pieces, though there are a few changes coming down the pike. The buttons are CERTAINLY a crowd favorite (shout out to Mutant Cactus!) and will be the center piece of all that I offer from here on out. I also am going to make SPECIAL AWARD BUTTONS for those who succeed at the 8 Bit Challenge (I'm thinking for the remainder of the year, it'll be the oversized GALACTUS button!), but I'm going to start making a scheduling list for when the challenge takes place - just to keep the flow moving throughout the day! Hmmm...what else can I reveal...ah yes -- the 8 Bits will be made available in trading/sketch card size and grouped into sets, making it easier to collect your favorite character versions and/or teams. For you art-centric folks out there...I'll be offering the quarter-sized prints of 8 Bits, all matted and professional like, as ready-to-hang art. And my BIGGEST new feature will be CUSTOM 8 BIT SKETCHES!!!! I can't wait to bring some of these newbies into the fold -- I think you guys will LOVE 'EM! Oh yeah...I was feeling a little ANXIOUS for the show Friday night, and I know of no better way to assuage my angst than to do MORE 8 BITS! So...thats what I did!
So now added to the mix are DEX-STARR (the Red Lantern CAT!!!), MOGO (the Green Lantern planet -- NOT to be confused with Oa, where the Guardians live) and CARNAGE!

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