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Busy Little Bee

Posted On Sunday, September 4, 2011

They say there's no country for old men...or is it rest for the wicked...either way, I've been using this weekend to put a serious DENT on my growing worklist! The first thing on the list is ORIGINS UNKNOWN -- a new project I'm working on with Jacob Newell of Banebrooke Studios! I whipped up this trailer just to drum up a little noise about it -- can't wait to scratch it off the V:IP 15!
I've also done a few more 8 Bits, finally reaching (well technically, I've gone over it) my goal of 200 designs! The last of the batch are Professor X and the Punisher, but I was asked to do Nomad as a special request.
And last but not least -- GALACTUS, THE DEVOURER OF WORLDS! This piece is a special one because its making its print debut at Champion City Comic Con (the show that started the 8 Bit-a-thon) as part of the auction for JOSH MEDORS! He's an AWESOME artist who is suffering from a rare form of cancer and all the proceeds from the auction will go towards his SURPLUS of medical bills. Though I don't know him that well, I want to do all I can to help a fellow creator in need! So, if you make it out to the show, bring some extra cash for a GREAT cause!

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