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It Came From My Brain...!!!

Posted On Sunday, September 25, 2011

The collection is growing! I'm SUCH a geek about these, that I'll probably do them FOREVER!!! Hahaha!!! So I present these recent pieces AND a sneak peek at what my NEXT SET are gonna be ;)
The Hank Pym Collection: Ant-Man, Yellow Jacket, Giant Man and Goliath
Uncanny X-Force: Wolverine, Psylocke, Fantomex, Deadpool and Archangel
I don't REALLY have to say it, do I...?

...Like its 1975...

Posted On Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Here's the ENTIRE Giant-Sized X-Men roster! This is one of the FIRST full sets that will be available for collection and I'm SOOOOO excited about it!!! Who will be the first to get it?! Will it be you?! I HOPE SO!!!!

National Comic Book Day?! (No really...)

I was recently asked what I was doing for National Comic Book Day by an elementary school teacher and when I revealed I had never heard of the occasion, she showed me this link: -- Not wanting to let an opportunity go by, I spoke with my friends at ComicTown (1249 Morse Rd) and we've decided to celebrate it anyway! So come on down (up or over) to Comic Town and see local talents from Vantage:Inhouse Productions, Mutant Cactus, Freestyle Komics and more on site and having fun!!! SEE YOU THERE!
National Comic Book Day Sunday Sept. 25th 2011 Comic Town 1249 Morse Rd Columbus, OH 43229 11am-6pm ADMISSION IS FREE!

Wonderfully Marvelous!

The 8 Bit collection is growing strong, now with the additions of Wonder Man and Ms. Marvel! I'm but 3 designs away from having a full roster for the Avengers, Avengers West Coast and The MIghty Avengers! Time to get back to work and make that happen!!! Wonder Man: (Villainous 1st Appearance), "Dapper-Dan" Overcoat, Sleeveless Vest w/Ion Packs, Ion pack-less t-shirt style, Ionic Awesomeness -- (my personal FAVE!) Ms. Marvel: 1st Appearance, As Binary, The red-sash of AWESOMENESS!

The Trading Cards are READY!!!!

Posted On Tuesday, September 20, 2011

It ONLY took TWO DAYS to resize and compile them all, but the 8 bit trading cards are ready to go! Running 2.5x3.5, they fit PERFECTLY into classic baseball card sleeves, so you can COLLECT THE WHOLE SET!!! Here is one of the sheets I've put together:
And there are some NEW EDITIONS to the mix: JUBILEE AND BISHOP!!! Now the X-men Blue and Gold Teams are finally COMPLETE!!!!


Posted On Sunday, September 18, 2011

Cincinnati Comic Expo was an ABSOLUTE BLAST! Had a great time, rubbing elbows with some TREMENDOUSLY talented people, comic fans and general AWESOMENESS! Its definitely a show I would encourage you to visit, both fan and creator alike!
On a personal note, this was an EXCELLENT show for me, business-wise! As usual, the 8 Bits were my focus and my array of products were VERY well received!!! I think I've finally hit my stride on how to present most of the pieces, though there are a few changes coming down the pike. The buttons are CERTAINLY a crowd favorite (shout out to Mutant Cactus!) and will be the center piece of all that I offer from here on out. I also am going to make SPECIAL AWARD BUTTONS for those who succeed at the 8 Bit Challenge (I'm thinking for the remainder of the year, it'll be the oversized GALACTUS button!), but I'm going to start making a scheduling list for when the challenge takes place - just to keep the flow moving throughout the day! Hmmm...what else can I reveal...ah yes -- the 8 Bits will be made available in trading/sketch card size and grouped into sets, making it easier to collect your favorite character versions and/or teams. For you art-centric folks out there...I'll be offering the quarter-sized prints of 8 Bits, all matted and professional like, as ready-to-hang art. And my BIGGEST new feature will be CUSTOM 8 BIT SKETCHES!!!! I can't wait to bring some of these newbies into the fold -- I think you guys will LOVE 'EM! Oh yeah...I was feeling a little ANXIOUS for the show Friday night, and I know of no better way to assuage my angst than to do MORE 8 BITS! So...thats what I did!
So now added to the mix are DEX-STARR (the Red Lantern CAT!!!), MOGO (the Green Lantern planet -- NOT to be confused with Oa, where the Guardians live) and CARNAGE!

Cincinnati Comic Expo is THIS WEEKEND!!!

Posted On Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Come join some of comic-dom's finest as we take over the Southern City, this Saturday from 10-5:30pm at the Duke Energy Center in Cincinnati, OH! And for the first time EVER -- Da 'Nati gets the V:IP TREATMENT! I only visited this show last year and the action was too good to miss out on this go round! So come find me at TABLE 61, where I'll be showcasing 8 Bits and previewing what's coming down the pike at Vantage:Inhouse Productions! Also in attendance will be The Samaritan artist, Ren McKinzie (table 61) and friends with benefits, Mutant Cactus (table 64)! We'll be kicking up dust and making some noise, so come on down and have a good time with us!!! Cincinnati Comic Expo Duke Energy Convention Ctr 525 Elm St Cincinnati, OH 45202 VIP Admission - $50 (I didn't CHARGE them for the use of that!) General Admission - $10 Kids 10 and under are FREE!!!

It's FINALLY Ready!

Posted On Monday, September 5, 2011

The Samaritan: Collected Edition vol 1 is NOW AVAILABLE exclusively through! This collected edition carries previously released chapters "Moving Day" and "Gossip", as well as the premiere of the premiere of "The Fix," the third chapter of this critically acclaimed series. Follow Smith as he continues his efforts to fix the world, one block at a time!
The Samaritan Collected Edition vol 1 Written by Victor Dandridge Art by Ren McKinzie 28pgs B/W Print Copy: $5.50 USD Digital Copy: $2.99 USD Exclusively thru

Busy Little Bee

Posted On Sunday, September 4, 2011

They say there's no country for old men...or is it rest for the wicked...either way, I've been using this weekend to put a serious DENT on my growing worklist! The first thing on the list is ORIGINS UNKNOWN -- a new project I'm working on with Jacob Newell of Banebrooke Studios! I whipped up this trailer just to drum up a little noise about it -- can't wait to scratch it off the V:IP 15!
I've also done a few more 8 Bits, finally reaching (well technically, I've gone over it) my goal of 200 designs! The last of the batch are Professor X and the Punisher, but I was asked to do Nomad as a special request.
And last but not least -- GALACTUS, THE DEVOURER OF WORLDS! This piece is a special one because its making its print debut at Champion City Comic Con (the show that started the 8 Bit-a-thon) as part of the auction for JOSH MEDORS! He's an AWESOME artist who is suffering from a rare form of cancer and all the proceeds from the auction will go towards his SURPLUS of medical bills. Though I don't know him that well, I want to do all I can to help a fellow creator in need! So, if you make it out to the show, bring some extra cash for a GREAT cause!
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