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I hopefully you won't have to...THE CONCLUSION!

Posted On Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Without question, I was upset about the supposed "miscommunication" that lead me to Chicago for naught, but let me point out what I deem THE REAL ISSUE to be: A total and complete lack of customer service! Whether you agree that I had the go-head for the show or think I did presume too much, the bottom line is that I was THERE! Worst case scenario (for me) is that I was so OVERZEALOUS about getting to work with you (Wizard) that I hop-skipped 6 hours, survived Chicago traffic (just how fast do you have to go to get a ticket there?) and spent more than I should have, to do so -- I say REWARD that kind of aspiration! With all the negative intonations floating out there about the company (the mainstream publishers have abandoned the Wizard World shows, being scooped up by rival promoter, ReedPOP and their print magazine folded after nearly 20 years of publication), you'd think they'd be all about someone who was so all about them, right?!

Perhaps if it was MY idea to attend Chicago, I wouldn't feel so pitch to them was open for any Wizard show, but I did specify that I'm in Columbus, OH, home of the Mid-Ohio Con that they purchased just last year. Why not offer to set me up at my local show to make things square, we could've worked out whatever arrangements "C" had in mind right then and there. Now, to be honest, nothing short of a free-space would've flown for that show, but I'm saying...

And even if you couldn't appease me as creator, see if you can reach me as a fan -- see if offering me free passes to the Chicago show doesn't tap my geek-gasm button a few times ( would have!). And how far my voice would've spread singing their praises for such an magnanimous display if they did both! But alas, and all that -- their best offering was for me to drop a car payment or rent (depending on where you are in life) to attend. For my money, that offering is MUCH too little and certainly too late!

Still, things weren't a total loss! Mom and I headed for the city, walking Michigan Ave so many times that the "Magnificent Mile" was more of a half-marathon. We hit the AMC by the shore (I'm only $16 away from my $10 freebies!) to see Rise of the Planet of the Apes (this was Mom's first time, my third -- seriously, the movie's THAT GOOD!) and enjoyed the rude service of Ed Debevic's, whose slogan is "Eat and Get Out!" But this was a good trip even on a business level. I'm very pro-contract and this weekend has shown me that they're necessary even when dealing with corporate entities. I'm currently working on my own verbiage for one that I'll send along with my proposals in the future. And with the signing of that contract, you ARE confirming my presence at your show -- the ambiguity that Wizard claimed is gonna make me be a bit anal-retentive in my affirmations of deals and all that. But I'd rather you tell me "yes" seventy-six times than to be caught in this situation again! Also, trades will NOT be suggested, but a REQUIREMENT if I'm performing the U Cre-8 Comics line -- if I don't actualize the value of the product, I can't expect anyone else to, right?!

So to wrap it all up, I was upset, but honestly came out unscathed! I had a good time, with great food and even better company (I love you, Mom!!!!), but if you're facing a situation like this, keep my story in mind as fair warning. Get FINAL confirmation for all that you do, even if you have to be crazy redundant about it! With respect to Wizard, I'm writing a formal letter of complaint to Stephen Shamus, Chief Marketing Officer of Wizard Conventions and WON'T be attending another show of theirs for while...and even then, they're footing the bill!

Thanks to everyone for following along, I hope this misadventure was a much of an experience for you as it was for us! Now it's time to get back to work - we got some comics to make!

Victor Dandridge
EiC of V:IP


  1. Damn. Talk about an awful customer service experience.

    I guess the lesson is you need to get everything in writing. Especially when dealing with snakes.

  2. You told me this tale this past weekend Vic. Sounds even worse when you write it down. At least you got the NYCC to look forward to.

  3. Too true guys! It was a crazy experience that I'm glad I can smile about now, but sheesh -- definitely not something I'd like to repeat (at least the part with Wizard!)...BOOM SHOT-A-VODKA!


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