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I hopefully you won't have to...PART TWO

Posted On Monday, August 15, 2011

Welcome back, folks! I don't want to let too much time linger between these posts -- helps keep the perspective fresh! If you're just tuning in on this 2nd installment, you can catch up on all the "fun" here!

So, where was I...OH YEAH! I finally have my phone convo with "C" at like 6:30pm (EST) -- they were quite apologetic about getting back to me so late and made light about how despite working on the west coast, they're subject to the business schedule of the east since so many of the work is based out of NY. It was short, quaint included their specification for planning for the Chicago show, my desire to trade my presentation for space at the show and ended with them requesting a mock-up for the presentation setup I had in mind (which I've provided below).

Now because I was leaving for Derby City Con the next day (7/16), we arranged that the specs wouldn't be sent until that following Monday (7/18), and here's the message that accompanied it:

I've attached a mockup for the space to use and what the time breakdown for the presentation is. Using the setup for the panel rooms you guys usually have, I'll add clipboards to the provisions for everyone, in addition to pencils, erasers and copy of the U Cre-8 Character Crafter Workbook. If there's anything further that you need or if this wasn't exactly what you had in mind, just let me know. Thank you so much for help thus far and I look forward to hearing from you soon!

That was on the 18th of July -- nearly a full MONTH before the Wizard World Chicago Con which kicked off Thursday, August 11th! I let a week go by before I call to make sure the specs were received and that there wasn't anything else needed, but got no answer and had to leave a message -- make no mistake, I understand that they're busy -- we're in the heart of convention season and WWC is one of their staple shows and I'm sure they're trying to make a BIG DEAL of the whole thing, so I'm not sweating it.

With that being said, CLUE #2 should've been my failure to get a response when I called 2 or 3 more times with the same result. Left message, got no response. Also during this time, I called NYCC to confirm my setup with them and almost panicked my contact who thought they had failed to let me know I was approved -- so I'm proving to be at least a LITTLE cautious, right?! So as the days drag on and still with no word from Wizard, I'm figuring that something wasn't working for them and I'm ready to write it off as a no-go -- but low and behold I get this message on Tuesday the 2nd of Aug:

Hi Victor. Sorry for the long delay in getting back to you. Chicago is shaping up to be a huge show, and it will be impossible for us to comp a booth space. At this point, pretty much everyone participating in Kid's Day is getting it as an added value for their paid participation. If you are interested in purchasing booth space, I can likely help you get it at a discount and will work on accommodating your workshop for kids. Let me know and I will make an introduction to the sales folks.

Now this is sounding to me like a we're go -- its a little late in the game to be sure, but its on the positive slope UPWARDS! And while I'm disappointed that I can't get comped space (I mean, I'm offering a $1000 presentation here), I'm still looking forward to the possibilities of being linked with a syndicated convention system. So I reply:

I'd like to see what we can work out. What did you have in mind, price-wise? If you let me know by the end of the day, I can let you know ASAP what I need.

We're still Aug. 2nd, so all of these correspondences are happening SAME DAY -- with the final word back from Wizard being:

Let me discuss with sales. I was trying to bypass them to see if we could work out a space for you, but there is no tradeout space to be had so let me see what I can negotiate with "P. K." and get back to you today.

So we're still working out the deal of the price for the table, but otherwise -- ITS A GO! And with only NINE DAYS until the show starts, I've got to get my butt in gear on getting ready. I reached out to my friends, family and fans and got a TREMENDOUS outpouring of support that allowed me to get supplies, lodgings and travel plans all worked out by following Tuesday (8/9). And to all those who gave so much of their time, love and money -- THANK YOU WHOLEHEARTEDLY from TOP to BOTTOM! But that's not the end of this tale and things are JUST about to get interesting, so come back again so you can see it all hit the fan!

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