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Posted On Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Here is a sneak peeks at what's going on in The Samaritan #3 as well as my process for writing it! With The Samaritan using a form of the 9 panel grid system, its IMPERATIVE that I know where each image piece is going to go, so I can suggest to Ren [McKinzie] where they're to go to construct the larger picture. Having a background in art helps TREMENDOUSLY, giving me the tools I need to lay out the ideas in little thumbnail sketches. Once these are in place, I know both what the panel groups are going to be and what actions I've dictated within. Then its off to script -- this one, I can't really show ya (the books not even out yet!), but part of my process DOES include reading the dialogue aloud and acting parts of it out -- hope my neighbors don't mind! When I've gotten the script pretty much locked in, I do a visual guide that I'll send along with it. I use color coding to show which panels go together, painting a better picture for Ren to base things off of.
(This one is from issue #1) The end result is SUPER AWESOMENESS!!!!

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