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If I were EIC 7/26/11...

Posted On Tuesday, July 26, 2011

I've been sitting on this one for a few months now, kinda daring the "man on the roof" to snatch this idea up before I had a chance to post it! But alas, it seems my idea thief has been as busy as I have and this one will at least see some light with me as the spearheader! With the upcoming DC 52 shakeup, fans and creators abroad have said this or that about their favorite characters being revamped or outright missing and while there are a few characters I couldn't care less about, there's one that if he makes THIS KIND of triumphant return, I'd certainly be a regular reader: The Main Man -- LOBO!

Now, I've never been a big fan of Lobo -- he's been kinda this funny-haha, kinda character to me, but I've enjoyed him when he's shown up here and there (especially in the DC Animated universe!) and think with the right kind of guidance, he could be DC's rough and tumbly rumbler! The guy all others cross the universe to avoid (if he's not that already)! But who could shepherd the necessary mayhem, dismemberment and moxy of the Czarnian Bounty Hunter?! None other than GARTH ENNIS!

Let's be real -- nobody writes F.U.S. (#$%^ up @$%$) like Ennis does -- whether that's late night poultry liaisons (Preacher), polar bear powered decapitations (Punisher) or jaw-dropping (literal) street-walker vengeance (The Pro), the raw sense of gruesome that he writes with just drips off the page! And boy does he have a handle on dialogue! There's not a silver-tongued sailor who can hold a candle to Ennis's curse-laden diction and in the world of Lobo, he can engineer new terms of vulgarity that the universe has never heard, but will be adopting in no time -- Fan-Fraggin'-Tastic!!!

But what's peanut butter without its jelly?! We've gotta bring artist Darick Robertson on for the ride! The two have a simpatico for the horrendous that creates its own language! Have you READ The Boys?! By page 6 if you're not in awe, dribbling some sort of body fluid, you're clinically dead to be sure! Oh yes, I'd pay top dollar to see these two take on The Main Man -- It'd be a romp of other worldly proportions, heavy metal space-fights and general kick-assery!

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