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If I were EIC 7/26/11...

Posted On Tuesday, July 26, 2011

I've been sitting on this one for a few months now, kinda daring the "man on the roof" to snatch this idea up before I had a chance to post it! But alas, it seems my idea thief has been as busy as I have and this one will at least see some light with me as the spearheader! With the upcoming DC 52 shakeup, fans and creators abroad have said this or that about their favorite characters being revamped or outright missing and while there are a few characters I couldn't care less about, there's one that if he makes THIS KIND of triumphant return, I'd certainly be a regular reader: The Main Man -- LOBO!

Now, I've never been a big fan of Lobo -- he's been kinda this funny-haha, kinda character to me, but I've enjoyed him when he's shown up here and there (especially in the DC Animated universe!) and think with the right kind of guidance, he could be DC's rough and tumbly rumbler! The guy all others cross the universe to avoid (if he's not that already)! But who could shepherd the necessary mayhem, dismemberment and moxy of the Czarnian Bounty Hunter?! None other than GARTH ENNIS!

Let's be real -- nobody writes F.U.S. (#$%^ up @$%$) like Ennis does -- whether that's late night poultry liaisons (Preacher), polar bear powered decapitations (Punisher) or jaw-dropping (literal) street-walker vengeance (The Pro), the raw sense of gruesome that he writes with just drips off the page! And boy does he have a handle on dialogue! There's not a silver-tongued sailor who can hold a candle to Ennis's curse-laden diction and in the world of Lobo, he can engineer new terms of vulgarity that the universe has never heard, but will be adopting in no time -- Fan-Fraggin'-Tastic!!!

But what's peanut butter without its jelly?! We've gotta bring artist Darick Robertson on for the ride! The two have a simpatico for the horrendous that creates its own language! Have you READ The Boys?! By page 6 if you're not in awe, dribbling some sort of body fluid, you're clinically dead to be sure! Oh yes, I'd pay top dollar to see these two take on The Main Man -- It'd be a romp of other worldly proportions, heavy metal space-fights and general kick-assery!

And that makes it 100!

Posted On Monday, July 25, 2011

Wow, my 100th post! I wanted to save it for something special and I hope I have it so chocked full of TASTY GOODNESS that you'll forgive such a LOOOOOOOONG absence! A BIG thanks to EVERYONE who's stuck with us this far and lets see if we can't bust out some of that dependable work ethic now that the Summer Reading Program has wound down to a close. Actually, that's a great starting point!

-- The U Cre-8 line has been a PHENOMENAL SUCCESS! I want to thank both the Columbus Metropolitan Library and the Southwest Public Library districts for allowing V:IP to come in and take part in their "Be A Hero, Read a Book" themed program! Visiting almost EVERY CORNER of this city, I see that comics are widely loved and there are just scores of kids interested in not just reading them, but making their own! Truly Awesome! And I have every intention of taking the U Cre-8 line BEYOND the bounds of Columbus, alone -- so keep your eyes peeled, I may be rolling in on your town!

-- Things are moving along EXCELLENTLY with TTw/L! I know my last post featured a 7pg preview, but I'm feeling all kinds of excited (I mean, this IS the 100th post and all!) that I'm going to show case pages 8 & 9, a flashback sequence that shows Apex Prime IN ACTION!

Work continues for The Samaritan! In fact, I've just concluded an open bidding for ad space in the COLLECTED EDITION (featuring Chapters 1-3) and they'll be sent the printers by week's end (if you're interested in ad space in any V:IP piece, just drop us a line!)! I'll update this post with a link when they're available! And just to tied you over till then -- check out the interim cover for Chapter 3: The Fix! (*Funny story, artist Ren McKinzie's son thought the original cover could use a bit more RED MARKER on it, so this one is only an acting substitute till Ren redoes it! Lol!!)

And last but not least: 8 BITS!!! I've done some new designs (which you can check out at on Deviantart!) and also finished this BEAUTIFUL MONSTER of a poster! That's 192 DESIGNS spread over 36x24" (That's 6 sq ft of 8 Bits!!) and will replace the previous 36x24 poster for any orders as of 7/27/11 (Still for the price of $20 + $5 shipping!!)

But we're not done yet! The 8 Bits will now be available as STICKERS at shows! I found a local printer willing to knock out ALL of these 8 Bit designs, so you can have your pick of buttons (shout out to Mutant Cactus!), stickers and prints!!! And if you see me at a show, stop over and take the 8 Bit Challenge -- Name 10 (ten) characters (WITH SPECIFICITY!!!) and win a FREE button (Retail value $1)!!! The fun doesn't stop at V:IP, but its time I get back to work so you'll have more of that tasty goodness we're known to deliver!!!

See you tomorrow with the return of IF I WERE EIC!!!!
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