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On The Horizon 4/18/11

Posted On Monday, April 18, 2011

Ugh...! Every so often, I get locked out of my brain -- quite possibly my brain's response to my EXTREME workload, it beckons for a rest and consequently, I operate on an autopilot function. I don't like it, but I've gotten used to it and try and accept its value -- BUT DOES IT HAVE TO HAPPEN NOW?! LOL!

Last week I posted that I've finally figured out what the V:IP 15 are going to be -- I spent the weekend working out the production schedule for the whole shebang, which extends ALL THE WAY to November! I swear, it was SOOOOO hard just to pick which projects to work on, but trying to decide which order I was going to work on them was PURE MENTAL MURDER (might be why I've got the lockout now)! Here are a few who made the list:

1.) The Samaritan - Obviously our first piece of the year was gonna make the list, right?! Ren's turned in pages for issue 2, with the last few scheduled to be done by this Friday and letters by next Monday. We've gotten A LOT of love with the first chapter and can't wait to see what you guys think of the next two installments!! Release Date: 4/27 (Final project release: 6/15)

2.) Omnibus #2 -- I'm returning the series that kickstarted my solo-selfpublishing career! Picking up on the next issue of Chronicles of Legend, but am introducing a new series, THE SEVENTH DIVINE!!! Release Date: 5/18

3.) Strongman Legion Plus -- I've been toying around with making this a weekly web-comic, though I have to find a way to protect my younger audiences (it has some mature content within) with some age-verification functions.

4.) The Trouble w/Love -- I CANNOT WAIT UNTIL THIS COMES OUT. Release Date: 6/29

5.) 8 Mins -- Our first prose book, this is a collection of the first 15-20 stories in the 8 Mins franchise! Release Date: 7/6

6.) SPECTRUM -- I've made some great leaps ahead with this series and hope to announce a VERY SPECIAL cover artist soon!!! (I'm CHEESING so hard about this one!!) Release Date: 7/20

7.) It Came from Space pt 2&3 -- I'm finishing the Half-prints series, featuring the Wonders of the Great Beyond! This one is kind of a personal piece; something that I can get my sons to help me do! Release Dates: 6/30 and 8/5

Only halfway thru the list and we're already hitting AUGUST! I hope to set a new precedent for what a self-publisher CAN DO and can't see what you think of what we've got in store! Ooh...the fog is beginning to lift -- BETTER GET BACK TO WORK!!!

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