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On The Horizon 4/4/11 (We Need a Resolution!)

Posted On Monday, April 4, 2011

I LOVE hanging out with my creator friends! Its a chance for us to catch up and see where life has taken us, what projects we're working on, how and with whom -- its a good way to escape the batcave and get some fresh air, once in a while. I implore EVERY CREATOR out there -- FIND SOME KINDRED SPIRITS! It can be an uplift and enlightening experience for all!!!

So, I'm post-Gem City Con, (which was a wonderful show, you should DEFINITELY put it in your rotation!) and I'm left with this feeling of...we'll call it "dissatisfaction." The feeling has NOTHING to do with the show itself, but more of a pointed realization: NO ONE KNOWS WHO WE ARE! At C2E2, the sheer immensity of the show and being so far from home, I had conceived it as an acceptable situation that few people walked up to my table already aware of what we had to showcase. I mean, let's be fair, this was a show where mainstream publishers made announcements for big events and announced new creators and I was just a little guy, sharing the same pool. But GC is a much more intimate, creator-friendly show AND only an hour away from our homebase of Columbus, OH, so that allowance just doesn't hold water!

I'm forced to go back to the drawing board and really look at what's going on here. Is it possible that we're not trying to reach the masses enough? Is it possible we just haven't figured out the right vehicle for mass promotion? I believe its quite possibly both! So, for this week, that will be the MAJOR challenge -- divining a proper Pre-Show/Post-Show promotional engine that will make V:IP a brand people look forward to finding and will continue to follow for years to come.

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  1. Don't get discouraged, Vic! Fact is, Vantage:Inhouse is still in its infancy. Can't expect for people to connect and recognize the brand overnight.

    I'm of the strong opinion that one's success at a convention is primarily driven by what he or she has done before AND after the show. Sure, you need to "perform" well at the show itself, but much like sports, it's the preparation before hand that determines the winners and losers.


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