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What's On The Horizon 3/7/11

Posted On Monday, March 7, 2011

With C2E2 just around the corner, the main focus of our life right now is getting ready for the show! Like I said in the last post, the letters for The Samaritan have been been finished and I'm putting on the last touches, getting it print-ready! After the show this weekend, I'm definitely in need to re-up on some of the 8 Bit mini-prints, FINALLY having a print run of the second volume -- can't wait to see how those will move. -- Oh and BUTTONS! I'm down to my last dozen or so and they're WAAAAY too popular not to have in stock!

In addition to that, there will be promo prints, some fliers and more! I'm TEMPORARILY suspending the rest of the workload until all the pieces for the show are set -- but that doesn't include the Daily Posts...speaking of which, I owe ya one, don't I...brb!

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