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On the Horizon 3/28/11

Posted On Monday, March 28, 2011

It's so good to be getting back to the regular swing of things! Once again, welcome back! Hopefully, we won't need to take such a long break as more starts rolling out the gate! Speaking of which...

It's about time I started talking about The Strongman Legion Plus! I grew up in the era of Voltron and the Power Rangers and try as I might, its really something that I've always found pretty cool! As my love of comics and related cultures have grown, I've come to find that those kinds of characters fit within their own subculture in their native Japan, called Sentai. Always loving an archetypal backdrop, I want to do a homage to those hue-heavy heroes! But here's the fun part -- it will be done ENTIRELY in 8 BIT! While definitely a challenge, this has been a fun exercise in pixel manipulations and structure! Look for more about The SML coming soon!

And since we're in the 8 Bit frame of mind -- check out these awesome Perler Bead renditions done by my friend, Mike Eshelman! He's TRULY gifted with those beads -- I mean, seriously -- he did Kitty Pryde phasing!!!

Say...what are YOU doing this Sunday (April 3rd)?! I'LL be representing V:IP at the 6th annual Gem City Comic Con in Dayton, OH! Come on down to Wright State University's Student Union (3640 Colonel Glenn Hwy, 45435) and check us out! Both the 8 Bits AND The Samaritan will be on hand...and I may surprise you with a few extras (tee-hee). Show your love and support for V:IP and some of the greatest local talents this side of the mainstream!

Getting a little serious for a moment...Ren and I are VERY grateful for the love and support we've received with The Samaritan. This is quickly turning into one our most successful projects and we'd like to pay some of that forward. So, affective immediately, all proceeds from the digital sales of The Samaritan will be donated to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children. For only $.99, you too can be a Samaritan to someone who truly needs it!

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