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It's been a long time, since I left you...

Posted On Thursday, March 24, 2011

OMG! The dust is FINALLY settling! The past few weeks have kept us in a perpetual state of AWESOME! I SINCERELY appreciate your patience in our absence, but the time was spent getting everything ready for C2E2 and beyond with some AMAZING results!

First, let me just say that C2E2 was personally, my best show -- EVER! The audience was FANTASTIC, with attendance exceeding last year's by nearing 10K! And boy did they love some Vantage:Inhouse! Teaming up with Mutant Cactus, we had A LOT of love with the 8 Bit buttons! I mean, those things MOVED! We'll definitely be making them a staple of our table setup -- and guess what -- while at the show, I even found time to do a few more! Check 'em out:

The Samaritan made a GREAT DEBUT at the show, already receiving critical praise before the weekend was even over! Both Ren and I did a few interviews (links coming soon) and I really couldn't be more excited for the reception! A big thanks goes out to EVERYONE who took the time to stop by and check it out! And for those of you who weren't at the show, we haven't forgotten you! The Samaritan is now available for digital download through -- and get this -- for the SUPER-LOW PRICE of just $.99!!! What's that? You don't do digital? That's cool (I'm more of a print-guy, myself!) Then keep an eye out at where you can purchase the book for a mere $2!

Over the weekend, I got a few more pages from Harold for The Trouble w/Love -- I can't even TELL YOU how excited seeing his art makes me! He's an all around STELLAR artist and I had the chance to chat up his frequent collaborator, Cary Kelly, and we're both in agreement that you're hard-pressed to find a more talented AND congenial guy!

In the aftermath of the show, I've put in a few pitches for some wider distribution of the collected edition of The Samaritan and we'll see how that fares -- would LOVE to get a big name publisher behind us -- it would DEFINITELY make a huge statement in our creative circle!

I've also inked a deal with another PHENOMENAL artist, Mason Easley (Psychic Soldier Kai -- CHECK IT OUT!) is going to provide illustrations for a new pulp anthology series currently in development! Work begins in about two weeks with a scheduled release this coming July!

As you can see, there's been no thumb-twiddling goin' on 'round here! And now that we're back, we're gonna kick it into high gear and keep that magic flowing!

Thanks again for the patience AND the love!

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