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So sorry...!!

Posted On Sunday, March 6, 2011

I am Jack's, I had such a good run of it, didn't I?! Daily posts, diligent work and then-- WHAM! 2 days gone; no posts, no holla! What can I do to get you to forgive me? What if I say it wasn't my fault (naw...too childsh)-- what if I promise to never do it again (blah -- not realistic). I KNOW -- what if I give you some tastey goodness to make up for it?!

Definitely a little late for the show -- but "Today's" Challenge: LUKE CAGE!
I don't get why he's currently decked out in the CHEAPEST construction-wear motif, but he's an Avenger and should dress accordingly! So, my inspiration is his uniform from Secret Wars (why isn't he wearing THAT ONE?!) mixed with a little "The Hooded Man" from Millar/Hitch's run of the FF!

Hey, guess what?! The first issue of the Samaritan is DONE! I can't even tell you how excited I am for THE WORLD to see this thing. It is truly one of the greatest things I've ever been a part of! The book will debut at C2E2 and will seriously rock the socks off of all who lay hand on it! Check out this amazing cover by Lindsay Rodgers:

Today marks a hallmark for me -- my first appearance at a Jeff Harper Convention! He's a personal legend, been doing local shows for YEARS and it feels like a HUGE step up for me (AND Vantage:Inhouse) to have been there. The crowd was SUPER nice, giving some GREAT feedback on the work showcased, including the U Cre-8 Workbooks (the first trial run is this week!!!)! A few families took a happy gander and it looks like everything is lined up for it to be a SUCCESSFUL division of V:IP -- but the true champion of the show (as they've proven consistently to be!), were the 8 Bits. They were a great ice breaker, drawing in people and keeping them around as we all had great fun in trying to guess which color coupling represented whom! Fanboys and fanbelles, both young and old REALLY got into the magic of the game, so much so, that I'm almost out of custom buttons (Time to re-up with MutantCactus!)!

And that leads me to my BIGGEST NEWS YET -- I've gotten my first Cease and Desist letter! A MAJOR publishing company has issued a warning that my peddling a particular venue for selling the 8 Bits is infringing on their trademark rights and that immediate action MUST be taken to avoid legal action! Now, I don't in any way shirk the law or the my obligation to be a responsible creator -- BUT HOW COOL IS THAT?! While others may feel like the man is stepping on their vibe, I like to look at things from better VANTAGE: They're stepping in because the 8 Bits are THAT GOOD, RIGHT?! Of course -- why waste the effort otherwise! But theirs still some 8 Bit fight left in me and I'm pursuing every avenue to keep bringing more of that old school gaming goodness to a t-shirt near you!

Whew! Does that make up for my lateness? Does that give me a pass? Even if it does, I'll do my best to never warrant the need again! Love, peace and elbow grease!

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