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What's on the Horizon...(2/21/11)

Posted On Monday, February 21, 2011

Welcome to our first weekly update, (there was almost a theme-song involved -- be afraid, be VERY afraid) where you'll get the scoop on what's coming up this week from Vantage:Inhouse Productions! This is going to be a practice in open production forums, detailing the PLANNED events and being able to check back in a few days to see how well we stayed on schedule. Its different, surely, allowing for our flaws and all to be on display, but if we're going to offer a new perspective on creating comics and more, then we can aim for no less!

So let's see, where to start...ah yes -- THE U CRE-8 COMICS LINE!

With the Columbus Metropolitan Library's summer reading program just around the corner, I've decided that I should do some trial runs to make sure the process and my presentation are up to snuff! I've already got 2 of the city's most prominent shops agreeing to host(ComicTown and Packrat Comics), with sponsoring by the Comic Book Connection Initiative -- final plans will be made this week, with an official announcement by the end of the week!

The next installment of The Samaritan is underway! I should be finished with issue 3 by this Friday (2/25) and will be fully back on schedule! I'm considering sharing the script for the first two issues with a few more of my writing friends to see if I can't get some reviews/critiques posted.

I'm finishing the layouts for the first half of Omnibus #2 -- we're returning to the world of Chronicles of Legend and starting up a new tale very near to my heart, The Seventh Divine! My goal is to have this book ready for Gem City Con (4/5), which doesn't give much room for adjustments, but I LOVE to challenge myself!

After my daughter found a potentially fatal flaw with the Daddy Packs (the original packaging was a plastic bag), I've gone back to the drawing board on it and have come up with a BRILLIANT way of using a single sheet of paper to hold everything together. Actually, I can't claim such brilliance was uninspired, I got the idea from the children's menu at Bob Evans -- what can I say, the answers are around if you only look for them! But with this new design comes some more interactive play and the launch of a new "board" game, "Save the City!"

There's so much more to share, but I've droned on enough already and as you can see, there's plenty of work to do around here! I better get to mine before the boss comes around!

Victor Dandridge

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