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On the Horizon 2/28/11...

Posted On Monday, February 28, 2011

Welcome back, folks! Did you have a good weekend? I gotta admit, I certainly did! After the cover shoot for The Samaritan, I got to hang out with artist, Ren McKinzie for a while -- we talked about everything from comics, to kids, to boxing (the latter resulted in some instruction that STILL has my back sore!!! Lol!). It was truly an AWESOME time that carried over into the WEE hours of the morning.

Saturday was rather full too! Had a sit-down meeting with my friend, writer/director Sheldon Gleisser, whose looking to produce some of his original projects as comics. I'm not even gonna lie -- I would LOVE to get some of those properties under the V:IP label -- he's one of the most innovative voices I know for concepts and his characterizations will engulf you!

That evening, I made the trip out to Beavercreek, OH, where I met up with a few local creators from central/south-central Ohio and we sat around talking up what was coming down the pike for the lot of us. It was really like a little family reunion (because we ARE a close-knit group)and I can guarantee some AWESOME things are in store for you readers!

But enough about then, lets focus on what's coming up for V:IP this week!

I've gotten a lot of positive feedback on the daily posts and they WILL continue(I'll be posting a new time sketch set this evening!). I love the challenge they present and I'm going to see about bringing some other creators in on the fun!

I did get a strong stride on the 3rd installment of The Samaritan, with most of the page breakdowns in place and just needing to go in for the dialogue. Ren's sent me pages of the first book and I've started lettering those -- LOVING EVERY BIT OF IT! (Seriously, Ren has TRULY stepped up his already extensive skill, sensitivity and storytelling on this one!).

The layouts for Omnibus #2 feature, Chronicles of Legend are nearing completion -- this new method, while seemingly time consuming, TRULY has shaved off a TREMENDOUS amount of production time! I can see myself sticking with this and tweaking it to better fit my schedule and style. I've also started layouts for Strongman Legion Plus -- What?! What's that you ask? What's the Strongman Legion?! Stay tuned and it will be ANSWERED!

With a lot of things nearing completion, we're already getting started on the next wave of projects from V:IP! This week's big deal is plotting for "Spectrum," my homage to Green Lantern! My goal is to have that all outlined by week's end and can give out a few more details about its production!

Hey -- are you doing anything this Sunday?! Sure you are -- you're coming to visit me at Buckeye Con hosted by Jeff Harper Comics at the Fort Rapids Water Resort! I'll be on hand with a few promotional items and would LOVE to see some of your friendly faces! After that -- its all prepping for C2E2!

Time for me to get back to the drawing table -- between my writing chores, drawing duties and editing tasks, there's barely enough time to go 'round as is! Thanks for stopping by!

Victor Dandridge
Vantage:Inhouse Productions

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