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Posted On Sunday, February 20, 2011

There are 3 conceptual goals for Vantage:Inhouse Productions in 2011: The 3-Abilities -- Marketability, Accessibility and Dependability! In an effort to really drive home the last two, I'm moving to a daily posting schedule of content. That's right, sports fans -- you can get a DAILY DOSE of Vantage:Inhouse comic-booky goodness!

But this isn't just random bits, we're spewing here -- we've got a full blown schedule!

We'll begin with a weekly update, where you'll get the 4-1-1 on what's coming up for Vantage:Inhouse. It may be the work schedule for the week, it may be more (like upcoming EVENTS and CONTESTS!) -- but it will be THE news hub for all things V:IP!

-- Linking up thru our page on, I'll be doing a series of timed drawings, ranging from 10-30mins, challenging myself to gain speed and accuracy in my work!


-- Our first weekly feature article, where I'll be playing a little "Thursday Morning Quarterback," commenting on books and creators currently in the industry and noting some of the dream projects I'd put together if I were Editor-in-Chief!

-- Having a bit of a laugh with design, I'm going to challenge myself to draw a prominent character using a basic shapes! Its a little elementary, but should prove for some fun ideas!

I'm finally returning to my 8-Mins project, a series of vignettes that chronicle individuals during the last 8 minutes of Earth! I'll be posting a new story every week and will collect the first volume for publication in June!

-- I learned of this game thru a video of comic legends John Romita and his son, JRJR -- the idea is to have someone make 5 indiscriminant lines on a sheet of paper and for the artist to make a drawing out of them -- I'm SOOOO enlisting my kids to help with this one!


-- I'll be the first to admit my shamelessness!
This daily dose, inspired by ProjectRooftop, the site that showcases artist reinterpretations of classic comic and pulp characters, will feature my ideas for some of my favorite characters!

Finishing out the week, will be the special feature, "Behind The Curtain," where we'll showcase behind-the-scenes/early production materials and interviews of creators from current/upcoming V:IP prjects!

I think that's a healthy bit of action, don't you?! Come back soon because the fun starts tomorrow, Feb. 21st and it won't stop till the cash-cows come home!!

Victor Dandridge

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