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Investing in Success...

Posted On Wednesday, February 9, 2011

A while back, my best friend, Danny told me that he and some co-workers were gonna start up a button business. I remember, being like, "buttons...wha?!" not being aware of how popular the little collectibles could be to so many audiences. In the years since, MUTANT CACTUS has had some amazing successes as a button manufacturer, starting out with their own designs and branching off in to vintage pieces, logo/event branding, and custom series lines. Even I've gotten onto their bandwagon, teaming up with them to do a line of buttons based on my 8 Bits designs! Now, I've taken that team up a step further by becoming an OFFICIAL SPONSOR!

They've done a TREMENDOUS job in making a name for themselves and I want to see that drive continue and evolve into something even greater! Keep a close eye out for them because I've got a feeling they're going to surprise us all even more -- AND SOON!

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