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Posted On Sunday, January 16, 2011

With 2011 in full swing, I'm already knee-deep in production of my HUGE workload for the year. I've given myself a challenge of producing AT LEAST 15 works (that's titles or projects, not specifically number of issues) and I'm starting this first quarter off STRONG! What's on the menu, you ask? Well, I was gonna keep it a secret, but...

- As previously referenced, Ren McKinzie and I will be kicking off The Samaritan, with the first issue coming out within the next few weeks! This is the first multi-issue work Ren and I have ever done, despite knowing each other for the last decade -- over that time, I've seen him mature as an artist (and as an old man!) and watched his art take on new life! For all the challenges setforth with this series, I'm QUITE pleased to have him navigate it with me!

- At the same time, I'm collaborating with Harold Edge(Dynagirl, Fallen Justice) on The Trouble w/Love, a one-shot that explores what would happen if the Superman-archetype displayed a bit more human weakness. I'm VERY excited to work with Harold, whose work had me hooked from the Fallen Justice (Redhanded Studios) series and to be honest, I think he's even better now!

- Returning with the series that started my self-publishing career, I'm going to make Omnibus a quarterly, anthology showcase! Here, I'll be exploring a few of my story ideas before deciding whether to make them full on series or not -- more than anything, its a challenge to myself to hone my artistic abilities and take my skills to the next level!

I hope I've sufficiently whetted your whistle, but rest assured, I've got a couple things up my sleeve that I'm playing close to the chest for now -- but there are some BIG things coming from WizWorld Inc and I can't wait to take you all on the ride!

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