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Taking it to the Streets...

Posted On Monday, January 3, 2011

As a child, I often accompanied my mom to rehersals and the like (she's an AWESOME Gospel music piano player and singer!) and before we left, she would always say, "Make sure you bring something to occupy yourself!" Now, this was before I found my heart in drawing or comics, so it would often be my favorite toy of the hour! But, as a creator, that phrase stands as THE source of inspiration for my next, major marketing promotion. My creative peer and fellow comic editorialist, Tyler James stated in a recent column that there needs to be more of an effort to put comics in the hands of kids -- a sentiment that I whole-heartedly agree with! But, while Tyler specifically was referring to the content of books, I'm taking the notion to the next level and am LITERALLY putting comics in kids hands!

I'm proud to announce, Daddy Packs -- the comic activity center that fits in a BAG! Featuring one of my Half-print books (an 8pg story, folded to fit on one page!) and four U Cre-8 Sketch Cards (an abridged version of my character creation activity book), with a pencil, eraser and crayons -- they're a surefire way occupy a young one, while simultaneously promoting both comics and creativity!
I'll take some with me wherever I go and if I see a kid suffering a bit of idle-mindedness, I'll pass one along (with parental allowance, of course)! As a parent, I KNOW how handy something like these can be!!!

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