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The Official 8 Bit Catalogs!

Posted On Tuesday, January 4, 2011

I've gone thru and collected the ENTIRETY of my 8 Bit Character designs -- volumes 1 AND 2 -- for a total of 166 fan favorite characters from Marvel and DC! And if your REALLY feeling these designs, head over to or to purchase your own graphic tees, hoodies and more! But in the meantime, spend the next few minutes finding YOUR favorite characters in the 8 Bit Catalog, published exclusively thru!

Vol #1 - Here's where the fun began! What was JUST supposed to be 8 designs for the 2010 Champion City Con, QUICKLY (in 3 days!) became a collection 100 designs strong!

Vol #2 - With the fan outcry for more of their favorite characters, I HAD to return with a 2nd volume of 8 Bit designs! Now with more villains, more heroes -- both the classic and obscure -- Vol 2 is some of the best designs yet!


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