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Year End Review!

Posted On Monday, December 20, 2010

I'm both shocked and amazed that the end of the year has come upon us so fast! As a bourgeoning entrepreneur, I think its a healthy dose of reality to look at how effective my efforts have been throughtout the year. Its a little strange to jot down your pros and cons -- each little tidbit staring you in the face; its a challenge to not whip out the bold tip sharpie for the good side and chicken-scratch in the bad -- but to hey with it, right?! This is about GROWTH!

So, this year, I've done a smashing job of establishing WWI from more than the conceptual label I've been drawing under for the last few years, into a bona fide self-publishing brand!

"Omnibus," was a successful exploration into the PROCESS of self-publishing -- where I backed my ideas of a "low investment/immediate profit" model.

"Doing a Bid" was more content-centric and I've been quite pleased with how a few beginning artists have taken to the notions and concepts.

The Mini-pulps were an amazing joy to do, finally finding a use for some of the one-note stories I had written over the years, AND, I finally felt a comfort as an artist to have completed the illustrations for each book. Truly, as an artist, this year has been my best in a LONG TIME -- the 8 Bits have been my BEST work to date!

There were some hiccups this year along the way too: I didn't get to work the theatre much this year, the kickball tourney didn't pan out as planned, but the biggest of all has been my dependancy as an artist. Surely, I can chalk it up to time management, but I know I truly have a lack of confidence that I'm working thru. Its a matter of not having focused on art for the last 10yrs and I'm working to make up that ground as quickly as I can. There's a joy to it that I'm rediscovering and that gives me a tremendous amount of hope for next year!

So in summation, this year was good, but it certainly could be better and if I'm to make as big a splash as I hope, then I've got to get further on my grind and get more done --as both a writer AND an artist. I'll give myself a solid B- for this year, an A's not too far away, but neither is a C...

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