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A Look Behind the Curtain

Posted On Sunday, December 12, 2010

As always, I'm attempting to push the limits of what can be done with a comic -- its become as much my signature as just about anything else I do! With The Samaritan, I'd like to explore both the means and the quantities comic stories need to be consumed thru. While the standard count of a comic is roughly 22pgs, each chapter of The Samaritan is "only" 8pgs and that creates a very interesting challenge in getting across the EPICNESS of the story in the allotted room.

To help with this, I've aimed for using a 9-Panel grid system to control the flow and pace of the story. But as always, its with a twist! Here's the mock-up of the page structure I sent to Ren, along with the first script to give him a better idea for how the grid would come into play. This is probably the most extensive tool in writing I've ever used -- does this mean I'm growing as a writer?! I certainly hope so!

Ren sounded pretty confident in making sense of the whole thing and I'm ANXIOUSLY awaiting his results! My hope is that with this one, we'll be applauded, not only for the story we've set out to tell, but the ambitious way we've set to tell it!

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