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Defining Unconventions!

Posted On Sunday, December 12, 2010

I love comics; I love reading them, I love writing them and I even love drawing them (a little!). But now I've gained a new love: writing ABOUT them, and I've been lucky enough to have my musings featured at, thru my new column series, UNCONVENTIONAL!

Spending the last few years really DELVING into the inner workings of the comic industry, I've developed a few RADICAL ideas for how to affect comic readership and general interest in the comic form. Quite a few of those ideas shape the how's and why's I go about making comics. If you get a second, check 'em out and let me know what you think -- some healthy dialogue is a surefire way to make sure comics flourish and reclaim their standing as an American pastime!

Unconventional pt1 - Could breaking up the mainstream into age-based groups help introduce and maintain new readers?
Unconventional pt2 - With the Big Two polarized, how can the self-publishing can fill the gap?
Unconventional pt3 - How can publishers take up the fight to intrigue new readers?

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