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For My Mum...

Posted On Friday, December 31, 2010

 Mom, in an OVERWHELMING display of support, bought a pair of the Utrecht/Converse ultra-canvas tennis shoes -- I raffled off a pair at this years Mid-Ohio Con and she thought I should have a pair on display! At the show, I started working on hers, a special request of Batman and Robin -- and just before Christmas, I finally finished them!

Year End Review!

Posted On Monday, December 20, 2010

I'm both shocked and amazed that the end of the year has come upon us so fast! As a bourgeoning entrepreneur, I think its a healthy dose of reality to look at how effective my efforts have been throughtout the year. Its a little strange to jot down your pros and cons -- each little tidbit staring you in the face; its a challenge to not whip out the bold tip sharpie for the good side and chicken-scratch in the bad -- but to hey with it, right?! This is about GROWTH!

So, this year, I've done a smashing job of establishing WWI from more than the conceptual label I've been drawing under for the last few years, into a bona fide self-publishing brand!

"Omnibus," was a successful exploration into the PROCESS of self-publishing -- where I backed my ideas of a "low investment/immediate profit" model.

"Doing a Bid" was more content-centric and I've been quite pleased with how a few beginning artists have taken to the notions and concepts.

The Mini-pulps were an amazing joy to do, finally finding a use for some of the one-note stories I had written over the years, AND, I finally felt a comfort as an artist to have completed the illustrations for each book. Truly, as an artist, this year has been my best in a LONG TIME -- the 8 Bits have been my BEST work to date!

There were some hiccups this year along the way too: I didn't get to work the theatre much this year, the kickball tourney didn't pan out as planned, but the biggest of all has been my dependancy as an artist. Surely, I can chalk it up to time management, but I know I truly have a lack of confidence that I'm working thru. Its a matter of not having focused on art for the last 10yrs and I'm working to make up that ground as quickly as I can. There's a joy to it that I'm rediscovering and that gives me a tremendous amount of hope for next year!

So in summation, this year was good, but it certainly could be better and if I'm to make as big a splash as I hope, then I've got to get further on my grind and get more done --as both a writer AND an artist. I'll give myself a solid B- for this year, an A's not too far away, but neither is a C...

Moving Forward!

Posted On Monday, December 13, 2010

I'm VERY pleased to announce that the U Cre-8 Comics line will be a part of the 2011 Summer Reading Program through the Columbus Metropolitan Library! While only the first step, this was the CORNER STONE in my plan to work within the Columbus City School system! I want to use comics and talking about comics as a tool to reinforce classroom foundations and dynamics, and generally stimulate creativity in young minds!

For more information on the Summer Reading Program check out the Columbus Library and while you're at it, visit U Cre-8 Comics as well!

A Look Behind the Curtain

Posted On Sunday, December 12, 2010

As always, I'm attempting to push the limits of what can be done with a comic -- its become as much my signature as just about anything else I do! With The Samaritan, I'd like to explore both the means and the quantities comic stories need to be consumed thru. While the standard count of a comic is roughly 22pgs, each chapter of The Samaritan is "only" 8pgs and that creates a very interesting challenge in getting across the EPICNESS of the story in the allotted room.

To help with this, I've aimed for using a 9-Panel grid system to control the flow and pace of the story. But as always, its with a twist! Here's the mock-up of the page structure I sent to Ren, along with the first script to give him a better idea for how the grid would come into play. This is probably the most extensive tool in writing I've ever used -- does this mean I'm growing as a writer?! I certainly hope so!

Ren sounded pretty confident in making sense of the whole thing and I'm ANXIOUSLY awaiting his results! My hope is that with this one, we'll be applauded, not only for the story we've set out to tell, but the ambitious way we've set to tell it!

Defining Unconventions!

I love comics; I love reading them, I love writing them and I even love drawing them (a little!). But now I've gained a new love: writing ABOUT them, and I've been lucky enough to have my musings featured at, thru my new column series, UNCONVENTIONAL!

Spending the last few years really DELVING into the inner workings of the comic industry, I've developed a few RADICAL ideas for how to affect comic readership and general interest in the comic form. Quite a few of those ideas shape the how's and why's I go about making comics. If you get a second, check 'em out and let me know what you think -- some healthy dialogue is a surefire way to make sure comics flourish and reclaim their standing as an American pastime!

Unconventional pt1 - Could breaking up the mainstream into age-based groups help introduce and maintain new readers?
Unconventional pt2 - With the Big Two polarized, how can the self-publishing can fill the gap?
Unconventional pt3 - How can publishers take up the fight to intrigue new readers?
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