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Posted On Sunday, November 14, 2010

A while back I had posted a number of title headings I had done with the intention that they'd be stories featured in Omnibus #1. Alas, there were a few that were more notables than features, one of which being my quiet little superhero epic, The Samaritan. BUT NOW...I'm happy to announce that the Samaritan is green lit and gearing up to go! Featuring the artwork of my good friend, REN McKINZIE, The Samaritan will be a seven chapter series, first released via Issuu sometime in February, with our first print run available at 2011's C2E2!

I just finished the first script and I gotta tell ya -- ITS AWESOME!!! Stay tuned for more news coming soon!!!

O-H M-Y! The Aftermath of Mid-Ohio Con

Posted On Thursday, November 11, 2010

The dust is settling, the crowds have dispersed and I'm sitting here in the afterglow of a fun-filled weekend in my hometown from the Mid-Ohio Con! Big thanks to EVERYONE who stopped by, ESPECIALLY those who were kind enough to chat me up and/or purchase one of my wares! I tell ya, the 8 Bits were a HUGE success and I can't wait to do EVEN MORE of the volume 2 set! Actually, I gotta take a sec and showcase these pieces done by Mike Eshelman -- I met him at MOC, where he was showcasing his Perler Beads and we're gonna work together with him producing bead versions of my 8 Bit designs! He's an AWESOME creator and I'm SOOOOO STOKED to work with him -- check some of his stuff:

Also, I'm making some GREAT strides on the U Cre-8 Comics Line -- head over to my sister site, where you can see a preview of the first edition activity book AND where I'm putting up the rest of my 30 Character submissions for the duration of the contest!

And last but not least, I'm retiring my runs of Omnibus #1 and Doing A Bid! I've had just under a year's worth of promoting them and am ready to move on to some new projects (which ones, you ask...?!) -- STAY TUNED because I have some announcements COMING SOON!!!

Day #1 - Introducing STROBE!

Posted On Monday, November 1, 2010

A former astronaut, Strobe's participation in the Apollo-X mission to MAP the sun, dovetailed into disaster when the shuttle was BOMBARDED with radiation during an unexpected solar flare storm! Unknowing altered at the cellular level, he managed to return to Earth only to find himself imbued with the ability to harness and manipulate LIGHT!
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